With good reason, the Vietnan Veterans Memorial is the most visited memorial in Washington.

An emotionally clutching video, "All The Unsung Heroes," explains the memorial's grip by focusing on touching stories and activities that occur at "the wall" and how families, loved ones and friends remember the men and women whose names are inscribed there.

It also tells of the memorial's creation, mostly through designer Maya Lin's words, which shed considerable light on the wall's symbolism, how it was paid for ("no tax money expected or wanted") and how it was eventually erected in the shadow of the Lincoln memorial.

One of the most haunting components of the tape is the sound track featuring the crystal voice of country singer Lane Brody singing "All The Unsung Heroes," which she wrote. Thom Bresh provides the guitar instrumentals.

Readings from letters left at the wall are also wrenching, bringing the viewer close to the feelings of those who suffered the losses of war.

There are some joyous moments, too, such as when 150,000 people show up for the parade and dedication ceremonies of the memorial that pays tribute to those who served in our longest war: 300,000 wounded and 58,000 dead or still missing.

The video concludes with a message from Bob Hope introducing the "In Touch" project to help people who lost someone in Vietnam contact others who knew that person.

The $19.95, 30-minute cassette is from new Heritage America Corporation, a pool of talent from four Northern Virginia video houses.

W.P. Fowler, whose EFX Company of Arlington handled post-production, is president of HAC and executive producer of the video. Paul Driessen, president of U.S. Media Corporation, wrote the crisp and informative script using Don North as the narrator. Steve Brooks and Roger Peterson are co-producers. Peterson's Experience Video group did the captivating camerawork. Media Associates is doing the duplication and distribution.

Released on Memorial Day, the video is available through the Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (202/296-1726) and Unsung Heroes, P.O. Box 266, Lovettsville, Va. 22080.