Bravo begins 60 hours of BBC programming Wednesday with the cable premiere of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII." The series of six teleplays, lavishly acclaimed by English critics, is considered one of BBC's richest and most ambitious projects. Keith Michell stars as the monarch.

The series runs Wednesdays at 8 with an encore the following Sunday at 7.

The opening play, "Catherine of Aragon," stars Annette Crosbie in the title role. Dorothy Tutin plays "Anne Boleyn" on Sept. 12, Anne Stallybrass is "Jane Seymour" on Sept. 19, Elvi Hale has the title role in "Anne of Cleves" on Sept. 26, Angela Pleasence is "Catherine Howard" on Oct. 3, and Rosalie Crutchley plays "Catherine Parr" on Oct. 10.

Bravo continues with its two-year commitment to presenting quality British drama with one of the BBC's most popular series, "Elizabeth R," starring Glenda Jackson as Queen Elizabeth I, beginning Oct. 17. In November, in the "Culture for Kids" slot Sundays at 5, Bravo will show "Tom Brown's School Days," based on the classic series by Thomas Hughes.

Tuesday on Arts & Entertainment at 8 p.m. marks the beginning of a block of programs called "Campaign '60," examining crucial events in the Kennedy/Nixon presidential campaigns. The series opens with "Kennedys Don't Cry," a profile of the family from the early years of Joseph P. Kennedy to the death of sons John and Robert. Part II is set for a week later at the same time.

On Sept. 12 comes "The 1960 Democratic National Convention," with "The 1960 Republican Nation Convention scheduled for Sept. 19. Each airs at 9.

On Sept. 18, "Biography" takes a look at Richard Nixon from his days as a senator and vice president to the Watergate scandal.

On Sept. 15, A&E runs David L. Wolper's Emmy-winning documentary, "The Making of a President," based on Theodore H. White's book detailing personal and political events during JFK's campaign.

"As It Happened: The Great Debate 1960" is scheduled for Sept. 26 at 8, exactly 30 years to the original date of the first Kennedy/Nixon debate. "The Making of the Great Debates" airs at 8:30 on Sept. 27, followed at 9 by the second, third and fourth debates, seen for the first time on television in 30 years. "Campaign '60" wraps up on Sept. 28 at 9 as John Chancellor hosts a two-hour compilation of NBC's 1960 election-night coverage.

Thursday on MTV at 9 p.m., for the third year in a row, Arsenio Hall will host the three-hour MTV Video Music Awards live from the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. A "one-time-only" reunion of The New Edition headlines the performer list, which also includes INXS, Faith No More and Motley Crue.

Friday on The Nashville Network at 11 p.m., "Just For Laughs With Harry Anderson" shows the "street-corner con-artist" side of the actor who plays the judge on NBC's "Night Court." The 60-minute special repeats Sept. 11 at 8.