In addition to Ken Burns' sweeping series on the Civil War, local PBS stations will offer their specials as well.

Maryland Public Television will air "The Civil War: A Region Divided" on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:30. MPT takes viewers via the Underground Railroad to Pratt Street, site of the war's first bloodshed; to Fort McHenry, where accused Confederate sympathizers were jailed, and to Antietam battlefield.

The specials will also look at battlefield medicine, challenges faced by black regiments, and the family life and culture of the time, including music, poetry and art, reflecting the effects of brother against brother.

WETA offers "The President, The Congress and the Civil War" at 10:30 Monday, in which members of Congress discuss the legacy of the adversarial relationship between President Lincoln and Capitol Hill. Tuesday at 10:30, "Civil War: The Filmmaker" is a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the PBS series, which was five years in the making. Wednesday, Michael Malone talks with author Shelby Foote about his research and the making of the series.

WHMM focuses on the contributions of blacks with its "Civil War: Sketches in Color" airing before the start of and during breaks in each installment.

Carroll R. Gibbs takes viewers to the slave prison in Alexandria; "Marsh" market in the district (now National Archives) where slaves were sold; the Union Army and Navy headquarters; Theodore Roosevelt Island, where the local black regiment was placed for its own protection; the Euclid Street NW home of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln's dressmaker and friend; the home of Christian A. Fleetwood, a black Congressional Medal of Honor winner; Murder Bay Slum (District Building), where freed slaves settled; Fort Ward Park in Arlington.