Super moments of National Football League action are now being packaged so they will appear on the shelves of your friendly video rental store.

NFL Films has repackaged a batch of its most popular 22-to-45-minute tapes into combinations that run from 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The math is simple: People don't rent 22-minute tapes; they want movie-length tapes for their money.

Joanne Feldman, Media Home Entertainment's marketing manager, believes that sports tapes are headed for a special niche in rental stores. Distributors of NFL Films as well as movies and children's videos, MHE surveyed rental store owners and put out a couple of trial balloons before coming up with its format for these football videos, scheduled for release Wednesday.

"We hope to increase our NFL sales by 25 percent over last year," Feldman said. "We tested a few in August and the feedback has been good. We are also finding that distributors are creating departments to handle just sports and that stores are laying out special sports shelves."

NFL Films has never dented the rental market, despite some fancy figures in sales and premium deals. Last year RJR Nabisco purchased 2.3 million cassettes of "Super Sunday: The History of the Super Bowl." Currently there's Swanson's "Hungryest Men of the '90s" and Hershey's "Big Blocks and King Size Hits."

The new rentables, which are also very collectable and make ideal gifts, are made up of Super Bowl highlights in six volumes packing four of the 24 games in each volume. At $29.98, they run about 90 minutes each. The complete set is $119.98.

The two volumes of "NFL's Greatest Games" have also been combined into a 104-minute video for $24.98. Three of the popular "Follies" tapes have been put into each of the two new cassettes, "NFL Follies, Vol. 1" (120 mins.) and "Vol. 2" (95 mins.) at $59.98 each. Also available Wednesday will be a three-pack called the "Best-Ever Collection," 46 minutes each on the best runners, best teams and best quarterbacks.

The remaining five are team highlights grouping the last four seasons, 1986 to 1989, of the 49ers, Bears, Giants, Steelers and Browns. These run about 90 minutes each and are priced at $29.98.