When the weather begins to chill the bones of baseball fans, few things can warm the heart more than a hour or so with the boys of summer.

Just in time for that snowbound evening are three baseball videos -- home runs for Cincinnati fans and no less than triples for other fans of summer.

Maybe Oakland followers would rate them a little lower, but then A's rooters have reason to be a little low this winter.

The "1990 World Series Video" has a lot to offer in addition to the highlights of Cincinnati's four-game sweep.

"This Week In Baseball 1990" captures almost every noteworthy feat of the season.

"Super Duper Baseball Bloopers" folds in so many non-stop "laffers" it quickly leaves one with a new appreciation for the skills it takes to execute even routine plays.

Released last week by Major League Baseball Home Video, each video is about one hour long and lists at $14.95. They are available at Blockbuster Video and by calling 1-800-BASEHIT.

In the World Series video, Pat O'Brien of CBS is the narrator of Jeff Scott's script and does an excellent job of tying together the calls by Jack Buck and Tim McCarver. Interviews with the managers and some of the players regarding key plays are spliced into some pivotal points and offer additional insights.

Easily the freshest segments are in the "never-before-seen" feature footage. One stars Jose Rijo, his ever-cheering wife and his ever-critical father-in-law, who happens to be Juan Marichal, radio announcer and former diamond superstar.

There's also footage of Cincinnati pitcher Tom Browning's swift exit to take his pregnant wife to the hospital, as well as terrific fan shots and comments as sweep dreams came true in Cincinnati.

Mel Allen's voice has the pitch of authenticity on "This Week in Baseball" and in the one-hour video highlighting the entire season.

It zooms over the season, from 32 days of baseball lockout in the spring through the season's best and brightest feats, including Cecil Fielder's astounding 51 homers, a record-smashing number of no-hitters and many sensational plays and offbeat bloopers.

The third tape shows that even the game's brightest stars can foul up. It's just plain fun.