A lot of Washingtonians, Channel 4's theory goes, go to bed too early for the 11 o'clock news and get home too late for the 6 o'clock news.

For those news-starved viewers, Channel 4 is offering an unusual 7:30 feeding starting this week: a weeknight local news program that WRC will produce and air on another station, WFTY, Channel 50.

The program, called "7:30 News Headlines," will present news in headline fashion in several categories: local, national, international, sports and weather, and reports from Capitol Hill and the local business community.

The news report will be a completely repackaged news presentation, not merely a delayed replay of Channel 4's dinner-hour news. Wendy Rieger, a general assignment reporter with Four, will anchor the newscast.

"You can tune in and know uour community is safe, and the world, and find out how your favorite teams did," said Allan Horlick, WRC's vice-president and general manager.

Under its arrangement with Channel 50, Horlick said, WRC buys the half-hour from WFTY, shoulders the production costs and keeps all the commercial revenue. The arrangement also means that Four does not have to disrupt its programming in the highly competitive early-prime time period. Fifty will pair the news show with the "20 Minute Workout" in an hour that used to be occupied by "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea."