Airs: On Baltimore's WBFF at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday this week. Two syndicated episodes surfaced on WTTG the morning of Jan. 14. Concept: Half-hour, sweet-as-sugar shows starring anamatronic puppet Timmy the Tooth and his pals in Flossmore Valley. Timmy, who has long since departed the mouth of a "big ol' Brontosaurus," explores new horizons of imagination with his dog-like pal Brushbrush. Neighbors include Bubbles Gumm, Sidney Cyclops, Johnny Paste, Annette, Mr. Wisdom, Ms. Flossy and her horse Waxy. Timmy's nemeses: The Cavity Goon, Ms. Sweety and the Gingivitis Gang -- and forewarned channel surfers. Wisdom from the tooth: After switching through several bad television shows, Timmy says, "Saturday morning isn't turning out to be much fun." He then turns off the set and begins to play. Strength: The infectious theme song, "I Love Adventure," might make kids sing along. Then maybe they'll switch off the set and play. Brushing up on what's ahead: "This highly charged children's property is set to scale every division at MCA," said Louis Feola, president of the home video division. "We are poised to explore the property's potential so that the entire family can look forward to Timmy the Tooth's unique signature of entertainment in a multitude of ways." Translation: They will try to cram Timmy down the kids' (and parents') throats. There are five episodes airing on television. The first three are available Jan. 31 on video (with bonus stickers!) for $12.98 apiece. Another tape is available through a tie-in with Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal, which is advertising on the tapes. Also, videos will be sent to 15,000 day care centers and preschools, and there will be coloring contests. Lesson: Although the producers pay lip service to the show's educational value, marketing seems to be more important here than education. Conclusion: Overly sweet programming can cause tooth decay. Loose teeth are better kept under the pillow.