PBS's "The American Promise" is a three-night series -- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 8 -- that presents 50 stories from more than 200 ordinary citizens for a look at grassroots democracy in action. The personal views include rock climbers who talk about environmental issues while dangling high above a Yosemite valley, and two residents of Brooklyn who founded a "hip hop" bank to invest in the local community. The first hour of the special is about exercising freedom, taking responsibility and participating in community events. The second discusses how people must make hard choices, share information and deliberate issues. The final hour focuses on challenges facing democracy, the tools people use to make their voices heard, how to leverage power, access and abilities, and the need to find common ground. The series features the Northwest Girls Choir of Seattle, the St. Olaf Choir of Northfield, Minn., and the Moses Hogan Chorale of New Orleans. Actor Joe Morton narrates the special, which launches PBS's Democracy Project, an intiative to develop innovative coverage of news and public affairs, with emphasis on the 1996 presidential election. THE PEOPLE'S PLAGUE: TUBERCULOSIS IN AMERICA Monday at 9 on PBS This two-hour documentary chronicles the social, political and economic effects of tuberculosis, which is re-emerging in this country as well as the rest of the world. Filmmakers Diane Garey and Lawrence R. Hott recount the war Americans waged against the disease from the 1880s, when it claimed one of every four lives, to the 1950s, when a combination of three antibiotics was found to be effective. The first of the three was streptomycin, discovered by American researcher Albert Schatz. But Schatz's supervisor, Selman Waksman, alone accepted the Nobel Prize. Tuberculosis, diagnosed through chest X-rays and skin tests, is curable if caught early. However, says the program, health programs that had made strides against the deadliest epidemic in history were abandoned. In 1985, for the first time in 30 years, the number of reported TB cases in this country jumped. Many revealed a new, drug-resistant strain. In 1993, report Garey and Hott, there were more than 25,000 new cases in the United States and more than 3 million deaths worldwide. About 1 billion people in the world now test positive for TB bacterium, which is airborne and highly contagious. Joe Mantegna, whose father suffered from the disease, narrates. PRIME-TIME SERIES PREMIERES TOO SOMETHING Sunday at 8:30 on Fox Eric Schaeffer and Donal Lardner Ward star as pals who are pursuing their dream careers. Lisa Gerstein, Portia de Rossi and Mindy Seeger co-star. Schaeffer and Ward created the series. MISERY LOVES COMPANY Sunday at 9:30 on Fox Dennis Boutsikaris, Stephen Furst and Julius Carry star as three men coping with divorce. In the opener, Carry is jealous when his ex-wife dates NBA player Dennis Rodman. RETURNING PRIME-TIME SERIES SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN FRONTIERS Wednesday at 8 on MPT, 10 on WETA For the series' sixth season, Alan Alda looks at the science behind Wild West legends and solves a 100-year-old mystery. STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE Wednesday at 8 on WDCA The series' fourth season two-hour premiere finds the Dominion threat to the Alpha Quadrant increases, jeopardizing the treaty between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Michael Dorn (Worf of "Next Generation") joins the cast. MYSTERY! Thursday at 9 on PBS The series begins its 16th season with "Gallowglass" by Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell), who also wrote last season's "A Dark-Adapted Eye." In this story, a man who has attempted suicide becomes devoted to the person who saved him. AROUND TOWN Thursday at 10 on WETA Robert Aubrey Davis's arts forum returns with reviewers Joe Barber, Peggy Cooper Cafritz, William Dunlap, Peter Fay, Jane Horowitz, Abel Lopez, Bob Mondello and Alexandra Stoddard. From Washington 1/8s Virginia suburbs to Duke University, the NBA and now acting: Hill, left, shows up on NBC 1/8s Saturday morning teen series 1/4Hang Time 3/8 (10:30 a.m. on WRC) to console Michael (Christian Belnavis) after he misses two free throws, causing Deering High to lose its game. CAPTION: From Washington's Virginia suburbs to Duke University, the NBA and now acting: Grant Hill, left, shows up on NBC's Saturday morning teen series "Hang Time" (10:30 a.m. on WRC) to console Michael (Christian Belnavis) after he misses two free throws, causing Deering High to lose its game. Henry Winkler is the suspect: CAPTION: CBS's "A Child Is Missing" Sunday. CAPTION: Tracey Gold falls for a felon: CBS's "Stolen Innocence" Tuesday.