D.B. Sweeney got tired of making movies that didn't become hits, so he tried his luck with television. The result is "Strange Luck," Fox's Friday night lead-in to "The X-Files." In this dream-like series, Sweeney, who has starred in films "Eight Men Out," "The Cutting Edge" and "Roommates" and was one of the original cowboys on TV's "Lonesome Dove," portrays Chance Harper, a photographer who prowls city streets by night armed with nothing but his camera and a knack for falling into perilous situations. He sells his photos to a newspaper editor, who is also a former girlfriend (Pamela Gidley). In short, Chance is a magnet for trouble. But does he ever sleep? Not really, said Sweeney. "He never gets to put his head down and relax." Between dodging bullets and preventing suicides, Chance eats in a diner run by flame-haired waitress Angie (Frances Fisher) and is studied by a police psychiatrist (Cynthia Martells). Sweeney, who is single, explained that trying a series stemmed from his disappointment with the way film studios handle lower-budget films, namely his. "I'd say Fox has spent more time and money and effort promoting me and this show than all of my movies put together," he said. When the script for "Strange Luck" crossed his desk, he was intrigued by Chance's "interesting dilemma": "He has this incredible run of luck, both good and bad. He's tired from his life. He's got this sort of detachment. He's seen so much. He has already stepped back from everything but he wants to be a normal person, have a more even footing with the planet." A Long Island native, Sweeney lives in New York when the show is not filming in Vancouver. He savors his privacy. Sweeney may play a photographer, but he dodges the camera in real life. "I try to keep a low profile," he said. "I try to have a normal life since I have an abnormal job." CAPTION: D.B. Sweeney and Frances Fisher star in "Strange Luck," Fridays at 8.