The summer rerun season begins, making it harder to find fresh material on broadcast television. But the search is not futile.

There are some TV movies with a summertime feel to them; something for opera fans; a Bill Moyers program; and other documentaries for the serious-minded.

And it's a week for Broadway to take center stage on television -- the Tony Awards will be presented Sunday evening (the list of nominees is on page 6).


Sunday at 7 on ABC

Zachery Ty Bryan, fresh from his long run in "Home Improvement," plays a mischievous kid facing a challenge in this "Wonderful World of Disney" film. If he can make it through his senior year with no demerits, a $10,000 inheritance is his. The prankster's problem: He's already conspired against the school principal, played by Kurt Fuller.

ETC: Entertainment That Counts

Sunday at 10 on Pax

The Pax network launches a news magazine offering information on movies, Websites, music, video games and television shows, highlighting material found to be "life-enhancing and responsible."


Monday at 9 on WETA

This offbeat piece by filmmaker Errol Morris profiles four people, all of whom are passionate about their unusual lines of work. Their trades: lion tamer, topiary gardener, mole-rat photographer and robot scientist.


Tuesday at 9 on PBS

This Bill Moyers special suggests that the price of free speech is so high, only the wealthy can afford it. And generally, that means corporations. This piece suggests that deep-pocketed corporations can use their wealth to dominate the media marketplace, for instance, through massive political advertising or by controlling news outlets.

P.O.V.: "Golden Threads"

Tuesday at 10 on WETA

As this "Point of View" presentation tells the story, Christine Burton was a lonely, 72-year-old lesbian living in upstate New York when she applied to a networking service. The rejection of her application was blunt: Had she not made a mistake about her date of birth? No one wants to meet lesbians over 50. So, she started her own group, Golden Threads. This pieces uses documentary techniques, diary entries and animation to discuss life choices and the challenge of aging.


Wednesday at 8 on Fox

Fox moves its movie night to Wednesday for the summer and leads off with this fact-based rodeo story of Lane Frost's drive to become one of the youngest national champions in the history of the sport. Luke Perry plays Frost, whose ambition takes its toll on his wife, played by Cynthia Geary, and best friend, Stephen Baldwin.

PINEHURST: Stories of Good Times And Great Golf

Thursday at 8 on WETA

The history of golf in America is combined with the story of one of the country's premier courses and vacation spots -- and site of this year's U.S. Open.


At the Forbidden City

Thursday at 9 on PBS

PBS's "Great Performances" presents Zhang Yimou's Maggio Musicale production of Puccini's opera staged at the opera's setting in Beijing. Zubin Mehta conducts and Giovanna Casolla has the role of Turandot, a Chinese princess.

PROSTATE CANCER: A Journey of Hope

Friday at 9 on MPT, at 10 on WETA

This program explores the disease through the personal experiences of a number of patients and their families.

CAPTION: Bill Moyers

CAPTION: Giovanna Casolla as Turandot.