Want to do or learn something special? Chances are there's an expert with a new video just waiting to help you.

Among the many current video releases are primers on growing perfect roses, saving lives with CPR, training your dog to become a respectable member of the household and even managing the three stages of pregnancy.

There are others -- many, no doubt -- but these four show how diverse the subject matter of how-to videos is becoming.

"Getting Started With Roses -- The Flower of Romance" was filmed at the "Rose Capital of America," the Tyler Rose Garden in Tyler, Tex., and the American Rose Center in Shreveport, La., the country's largest rose park.

The 29-minute, $19.95 video (1-800-598-3372) provides simple instructions on how to grow and maintain roses and deals with which types are best suited for specific situations. Rose history and mythology are also examined, but the sight of the breathtaking gardens in Texas and Louisiana make the video worthwhile.

"CPR -- Learn to Save a Life" is 40 minutes of explicit instructions on the skills necessary to save lives and a good refresher for those who have attended a CPR course. About a half million people die each year of heart disease and stroke. Choking, car accidents and drownings claim many more. It is estimated that 21 percent of these people could have been saved if someone with the skill to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) had been present when the tragedies occurred ($19.95, 1-800-383-8811).

"The Pet School" offers five basic obedience lessons to train a dog to be a loving pet. Dog training expert Susan Thixton teaches the proper way to teach a dog to heel, sit, stay, come when called, greet you at the door and act properly when guests are in the home ($19.95, 40 mins.,


"I'm Pregnant" is a three-volume set that answers questions and deals with concerns about many aspects of pregnancy. Presumably, prospective mothers, family and friends become more relaxed and happier during the nine-month period when they realize that their feelings are not unique and that their concerns are shared by most expectant mothers and those around them.

The series is presented by a panel of physicians, nurses, midwives and health educators. It is divided into trimesters: "The Early Months," which includes body changes, fatigue, nausea and even rights in the work force; "The Middle Months," about discomforts, and role of fathers and family; and "The Later Months," featuring an expectant mother's prep for child birth as well as breathing lessons. Each video runs about a half-hour. The set includes a 150-page reference book ($16.99 each, $49.95 for the set, 1-800-383-8811).