A Clint Eastwood gift set made up of three of his popular movies arrives Tuesday as part of MGM's Western Legends Collection and as part of the studio's 75th anniversary promotion.

"The Good, The Bad and the Ugly," "For a Few Dollars More" and "Fistful of Dollars" make up the boxed-set trilogy, which MGM has labeled "The Man With No Name."

The set lists for $34.98 and is available for the first time on DVD at $59.98. Individually, most Western Legend videos list at $14.95.

MGM also is adding eight movies to its Contemporary Classics Collection. Heading the list is the original 1968 version of "The Thomas Crown Affair," starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. The other seven movies are "Dances With Wolves," "The Graduate," "Lenny," "The Man in the Iron Mask," "The Onion Field," "Carnal Knowledge" and "The Usual Suspects." These films also list for $15.95 each.

Also just released is The Schwarzenegger Collection, from Artisan and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, eight of Arnold's memorable hits at $14.98 each. The films are "The Terminator," "Terminator 2," "True Lies," "Total Recall," "Red Heat," "Running Man," "Predator" and Commando." There is also a five-movie gift set of the two "Terminator" titles: "Total Recall," "True Lies" and "Predator" at $64.98 and a four-ply DVD set of "Total Recall," "Running Man," "Commando" and "Predator" for $94.98.

Twentieth Century Fox is offering eight martial arts videos as part of its Studio Selection Series, which features Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mark Dacascos. They are "Best of the Best 2," "Chinese Connection," "Fists of Fury," "Game of Death," "Only the Strong," "Rapid Fire," "Return of the Dragon" and "The Deadliest Art." The action-packed films list at $9.98 each.

On Tuesday, MGM also is adding to its Movietime Collection. Notable and enjoyable movies in the 10-under-10 ($9.94 each) offering are "Colors," "Deceiver," "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," "Mermaids," "Navy SEALs," "No Way Out," "Once Bitten," "Touch," "Trigger Happy" and "The Woman in Red."