In CBS's "Forget Me Never," airing Sunday at 9, Mia Farrow makes a rare television appearance as a legal secretary whose condition is diagnosed as early-onset Alzheimer's disease. She plays Diana McGowin, on whose memoir, "Living in the Labyrinth," this movie is based.

Martin Sheen co-stars as her husband and Colm Feore plays a patient who becomes her friend through the support group she establishes.

Farrow began her acting career in 1964 on ABC's "Peyton Place."


Sunday at 9 on NBC

When Yasmine Bleeth inadvertently cuts off a delivery man in traffic, the driver becomes enraged and begins stalking her and her family. John Wesley Shipp plays her husband in this movie, with Jere Burns as the road-rager.


Tuesday and Wednesday on PBS

On Tuesday at 9, PBS stations air the regular installment of the series, this one about the effort to save the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower, sited on what is probably a former marsh, has been tilting since it was constructed in 1173. Today, the top of the eight-story structure is 17 feet off-center.

If you're interested in the continuing saga of the Mallory-Irvine ascent, catch a 1998 installment ("Everest -- The Death Zone") Tuesday at 8 on WETA. Then tune in Wednesday at 8 for "Everest: The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine," tracing George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Irvine's 1924 attempt to become the first to climb the world's tallest mountain. The two British climbers were seen less than 1,000 feet from the top before clouds rolled in, then never seen again. Mallory's body was found 75 years later when an expedition ascended Everest. That expedition will be the "NOVA" topic of Jan. 18, 2000. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay claimed the title as the first to scale the mountain.


Wednesday at 9 on CBS

Stephen Collins plays a wealthy widower whose 6-year-old son is kidnapped for ransom. Then, when the kidnapper is accidentally killed, Collins has 24 hours to find the child before a bomb hidden in a teddy bear explodes. Karen Sillas co-stars as a police detective, Rick Roberts plays the kidnapper and Emmett Shoemaker is the boy.