History and humor are combined in "The Great American History Quiz," which kicks off this year's road to the White House on the History Channel, Monday at 8 p.m.

The one-hour program, hosted by Chevy Chase, features dozens of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, sports and politics who will ask the questions and provide the answers.

Questions cover presidential successes and scandals, major accomplishments and misdeeds, personal lives and premeditated lies as well as White House pets.

Viewers can download a score sheet at www.historychannel.com/quiz and play along.

Repeats at midnight and 4 a.m.; Friday at 8 p.m., midnight and 4 a.m.; and Feb. 21, President's Day, at 8 p.m. and midnight.

* Sunday on CNBC at 8 p.m., "National Geographic Explorer" premieres "Odzala: Islands in the Forest." Odzala National Park is one of Africa's most isolated areas where, under a dense rainforest canopy in the steamy jungle and in the midst of tall grasses and watering holes, elephants, gorillas and water buffalo drink and feed together. Repeats: Saturday at 8 p.m.

* Sunday on TLC at 9 p.m., "The Secret World of . . ." explores gambling from the gaming tables of Las Vegas to the riverboats of New Orleans. Gambling is legal in 38 states. At 10 p.m., "The Secret World of Cruise Ships" shows how these liners handle a new clientele these days and take in more than $13 billion a year.

* Sunday on Discovery Channel at 9 p.m., Discovery Sunday's "Giants" series follows zoologist and adventurer Nigel Marven as he roots out a 16-foot python in Central Africa and a 23-foot anaconda in the swamps of Venezuela, then joins a Komodo Dragon as it devours its dinner. At 10, Marven plays with spiders and bears.

* Monday on Lifetime at 9 p.m., Vanessa Williams, Gil Bellows, Diahann Carroll and Stacy Leach star in "The Courage to Love," inspired by the story of Henriette Delille and her rebellion against tradition and racism. Repeats: Feb. 3, 6, 19 and 27.

* Monday on Discovery Channel at 9 p.m., the "Buildings, Bridges & Tunnels" series opens with "Skyscrapers: Going Up," featuring the 1,480-foot Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, completed in 1998 and now the world's tallest building. "Bridges: Reaching Out" airs Feb. 21 and "Tunnels: Digging In" airs March 13.

* Saturday on A&E Network at 8 p.m., "Biography Close-Up: So You Want to Be President" airs on the eve of the 2000 presidential primary season. Host Harry Smith talks to those who've run, those who've won, those who've lost and those who decided they didn't have the stamina, stomach or hunger to face the rigors of the race.

* Saturday on Showtime at 8 p.m., "Common Ground" explores how a small Connecticut town may have reacted toward homosexuality. The portion set in the 1950s was written by Paula Vogel, the 1970s was written by Terrence McNally and the 1990s was written by Harvey Fierstein. The film co-stars include Edward Asner, Beau Bridges, Margot Kidder, Dan Lauria, Jason Priestley, Mimi Rogers, Eric Stoltz and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Repeats: Monday, Jan. 31, at 10 p.m. and Feb. 10.