Those memorable millennium moments that came to television viewers everywhere are now packaged on a pair of two-hour videos to keep as a time capsule of sorts.

On Monday, ABC News is releasing "ABC 2000: Celebrating the New Millennium," and CNN shipped its "Millennium 2000 -- Incredible Moments from the Worldwide Celebration" to 25 countries on Jan. 4.

Both go 'round the world in 120 minutes for just $14.95, cherry-picking the choice moments of celebration that rang in 2000 from time zone to time zone around the globe.

The ABC video can be ordered at 1-800-225-5222, or on The CNN cassette, being distributed by Warner Home Video, can be ordered at 1-800-294-7500. Both also are being distributed to stores.

Bob Brown, the "20/20" correspondent whose features were one of the many highlights of ABC's day-long telecast, has written the video script and provides the narration.

Peter Jennings opens and closes the ABC video presentation, which, of course, includes all the compelling moments the ABC team of producers mustered during the "Millennium" telecast. These same producers took part in the selection and production of the video.

All of the stops around the world, from the Pacific, to Asia, Moscow and Europe and including visits to the spectacular fireworks demonstrations in Paris and London, are included, as well as all the stops and sidebars that were aired from places in the United States, including the Mall in Washington and Times Square in New York City.

CNN notes that its coverage was available simultaneously to more than 1 billion people in 212 countries. It features highlights of celebrations from Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, the Zojoji Temple in Tokyo, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the "City of Light Celebration" in Paris, the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, England, and 17 major displays from the United States including Washington's celebration on the Mall, New York's Times Square and the area around the Hollywood sign in California.

PBS was considering putting together a millennium video at the time this publication went to press.