Five musical favorites, including "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever," make up a special Dance Pack release this month as Paramount Studios celebrates its 90th anniversary.

"Grease," the 1978 hit that has remained the quintessential high school musical, makes its debut on DVD as it approaches its 25th birthday. Like the others in this pack, Grease" defined a generation.

John Travolta scored a big hit in the lead role in this movie, which also starred Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing, Jeff Conaway and Didi Conn.

Not many recall the many other, older stars who were in the movie, however. They included Sid Caesar, Eve Arden, Joan Blondell, Dody Goodman, Lorenzo Lamas, Michael Tucci and Alice Ghostley.

Another biggie in this set is "Saturday Night Fever," one year older than "Grease" and celebrating its 25th anniversary. The movie vaulted Travolta into major-star status. Karen Lynn Gorney played his dance partner.

"Flashdance" (1983) starred Jennifer Beals as a fiercely determined 18-year-old who was a welder by day and dancer by night. The movie, set in Pittsburgh, features two hit songs of the 1980s, "Flashdance --What a Feeling" and "Maniac."

In "Urban Cowboy" (1980), Travolta breaks hearts and mechanical bulls and has to prove his skills when an ex-con tries to steal his girl, played by Debra Winger.

"Footloose" (1984), full of Top 10 hits, finds Kevin Bacon in an uptight Midwestern town where dancing has been banned. He and his buddy, played by Chris Penn, decide to revolt. Lori Singer plays the daughter of minister John Lithgow.

The "Grease" DVD lists for $19.95. The others are $19.95. The set lists at $89.75.

Current Video Releases

40 Days and 40 Nights (Miramax Home Entertainment: DVD, $29.99; VHS, priced for rental) Josh Hartnett and Shannyn Sossamon star in this comedy about a young man who makes a promise not have sex for 40 days and nights.

Mr. Deeds (Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment: DVD, $27.96; VHS, $22.95) Adam Sandler inherits $40 billion and has to prove that money may change everything but not everyone. Winona Ryder and Peter Gallagher co-star.

The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night (Miramax Home Entertainment; two-disc DVD, $29.99; VHS, $14.99) Along with the 40th anniversary of their first record, "Love Me Do," and their first No. 1 hit, "Please Please Me," comes the first Beatles film. There also is a companion anthology, "Give Me Everything."

Windtalkers (MGM Home Entertainment: DVD, $26.98; VHS, $38) Nicolas Cage stars in this World War II story of an Army sergeant and the Navajo code talker he is assigned to protect. Christian Slater and Adam Beach co-star.

The Incredible Mr. Limpert (Warner: DVD, $24.98; VHS, $14.95) Don Knotts plays a guy who was rejected by the Navy as too small and too weak, but when his dream of being a fish becomes a reality, he surfaces as the Navy's top secret weapon.

National sales

1. Monsters, Inc.

2. The Lord of the Rings

3. Blade II

4. The Rookie

5. 9/11

6. Return to Never Land

7. Mickey's House of Villains

8. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

9. Queen of the Damned

10. Scooby-Doo Meets Batman

11. SpongeBob SquarePants: Halloween

12. Shrek

13. Schoolhouse Rock

14. All About the Benjamins

15. Harry Potter

National rentals

1. The Scorpion King

2. Panic Room

3. Murder by Numbers

4. Monsters, Inc.

5. Changing Lanes

6. Big Fat Liar

7. High Crimes

8. 40 Days and 40 Nights

9. Frailty

10. The Rookie

11. We Were Soldiers

12. Blade II

13. The Count of Monte Cristo

14. Brotherhood of the Wolf

15. Showtime

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Local sales

1. The Scorpion King

2. Monsters, Inc.

3. Barbie as Rapunzel

4. Big Fat Liar

5. Murder by Numbers

6. The Lord of the Rings

7. All About the Benjamins

8. Dragon Ball Z: The Last Saiyaman

9. Dragon Ball Z: Internal Struggle

10. Blade II

11. Shrek

12. Scooby-Doo Meets Batman

13. 9/11

14. Harry Potter

15. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Local rentals

1. The Scorpion King

2. Murder by Numbers

3. Panic Room

4. Changing Lanes

5. Monsters, Inc.

6. Big Fat Liar

7. High Crimes

8. Frailty

9. Brotherhood of the Wolf

10. The Rookie

11. We Were Soldiers

12. Showtime

13. Blade II

14. Van Wilder

15. In the Bedroom

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