The story of a group of reporters from CNN, a fledgling cable news network bent on making a journalistic coup with live broadcasts from behind enemy lines during the Persian Gulf War, is told on "Live From Baghdad," airing Saturday at 8 p.m.

Michael Keaton and Helena Bonham Carter co-star in the HBO Films production adapted from the memoir by Robert Wiener, CNN senior executive producer.

The film centers on the work of Wiener and his comrade Ingrid Formanek as they led their crew to the Iraqi capital a few months before the Iraqis were called upon to withdraw from Kuwait.

As the three major broadcast networks scrambled to get the story, CNN covered the events that escalated to war from behind enemy lines, contending with antiquated transmission equipment and Iraqi attempts at manipulating and censoring the stories.

The cast includes Bruce McGill, Robert Wisdom, Joshua Leonard, Paul Guilfoyle, John Carroll Lynch, Michael Cudlitz, Hamish Linklater, Jason Antoon, Kurt Fuller and David Suchet.

Sunday on ABC Family at 4 p.m., an eight-hour marathon of holiday-themed shows kicks off the network's annual "25 Days of Christmas" programming. The schedule begins with two episodes of "Drummer Boy," "Pinocchio's Christmas," "Frosty's Winter" and other favorites.

Sunday on TBS at 8 p.m., "Christmas Rush" stars Dean Cain as a suspended police officer who disrupts a massive robbery in an upscale shopping mall. Erika Eleniak co-stars as his wife.

Sunday on TLC at 8 p.m., "Chariot Race 2002" takes modern-day charioteers to Antiquerra, Spain, to revive an ancient sport. It follows the training of four crews, the building of chariots and the building of their own Circus Maximus.

Sunday on MTV at 8 p.m., "Levi's Jeans Staying Alive Concert," a 90-minute production splicing concerts in Cape Town, South Africa, and Seattle. The show, featuring Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Dave Matthews, is an effort by YouthAIDS to promote HIV/AIDS awareness on World AIDS Day.

Sunday on Travel Channel at 10 p.m., "Great Cruises: Radiance of the Seas." Take a week-long cruise from Juneau to Ketchikan, Alaska, on the massive new 90,000-ton Royal Caribbean as the cruise ship navigates Alaskan waters.

Wednesday on Bravo at 8 p.m., "Smothered," a two-hour special examining the groundbreaking 1960s show's censorship struggles with network officials and the turmoil that surrounded it. The special includes the views of Tom and Dick Smothers, Rob Reiner, Allan Blye and Pete Seeger and former CBS executives.

Saturday on Starz Encore at 8 p.m., the network's first original documentary, "John Ford Goes to War." Kris Kristofferson narrates the story of the famed director's efforts for the armed forces during World War II.

Saturday on A&E Network at 9 p.m., "A&E Mysteries: Helen West: A Clear Conscience." West investigates when a case of domestic violence turns into a couple of murders. West even winds up with a proposal of marriage.