The spotlight at Turner Classic Movies turns on John Garfield, Hollywood's original rebel hero with the new documentary "The John Garfield Story" debuting Monday at 8 p.m., with an encore at 11.

The documentary will be accompanied by a festival of 25 of the actor's films throughout February. His memorable role as Frank Chambers, opposite Lana Turner, in "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (1946) airs on Monday at 9 p.m.

The actor's story was produced and written by Joan Kramer and David Heeley. It is narrated by his daughter, Julie Garfield.

Richard Dreyfuss, Hume Cronyn, Joanne Woodward, Danny Glover, Norman Lloyd, James Cromwell and Lee Grant round out the presentation of Garfield's life and career from his humble childhood on the Lower East Side of New York to his controversial death in the apartment of a female friend.

His first screen performance in "Four Daughters" earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

SUNDAY ON SHOWTIME at 8 p.m., highlighting its Black History Month fare, Showtime is premiering "Good Fences," starring Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg and based on Erika Ellis's novel about a successful African American lawyer who moves to the posh and Waspy enclave of Greenwich, Connecticut and faces all of the entwined hurdles that stood so tall in the 1970s.

SUNDAY ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL at 8 p.m. "The Tunnel Raiders" tells about a World War I tactic of digging secret, long underground paths to each other's front lines and then laying mines beneath enemy positions and detonating them.

MONDAY ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL at 9 p.m., "History Undercover" presents "Secret Japanese Aircraft of World War II," the story of Japanese jet and rocket planes ready to defend Japan from an invasion, discovered by American intelligence as Japan surrendered.

WEDNESDAY ON A&E NETWORK at 8 p.m., "Biography: Ricardo Montalban: Pride and Passion," recalls how Montalban struggled to make ends meet before making films, becoming a spokesman for Chrysler and the star of television's "Fantasy Island."

THURSDAY ON THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL at 8 p.m., a two-hour "Critical Rescue: North Hollywood Shootout" tells the 1997 story of a 40-minute shootout broadcast live on television. The gun battle was precipitated when police spotted two heavily armed robbers as they left a bank. Ten policemen and two civilians are wounded and both bank robbers suffered fatal injuries.

SATURDAY ON COMEDY CENTRAL at 8 p.m. "Absolutely Fabulous in New York," with Edina and Patsy--while at Fashion Week in New York City--searching for Eddy's son, who has been hiding from his mother for 10 years. Whoopi Goldberg and Deborah Harry guest star.