The latest HBO dysfunctional family, the Fishers of "Six Feet Under," will make a video store debut Tuesday when the entire first season of the show, 13 one-hour episodes, comes out on VHS and DVD.

The Fishers, though not the Sopranos, deal in death and grief management from their Los Angeles funeral home, a morbidly funny and sometimes disturbing drama about their lives.

In 2002, the HBO series won six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series--Drama.

Using a masterful mix of dramatic irony and dark situational humor, the show approaches the subject of death through the eyes of a funeral home family. Richard Jenkins plays the patriarch and Frances Conroy the matriarch. Peter Krause and Michael Hall play the sons, Rachel Griffiths is a girlfriend and Lauren Ambrose, a daughter. Other cast members include Freddy Rodriguez and Mathew St. Patrick.

The four-disc DVD set lists for $99.98 and the five-volume VHS set for $99.92.

Current Video Releases

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Free Willy 10th Anniversary Special Edition (out this week from Warner Home Video: DVD, $19.98; VHS, $14.94) A special edition DVD includes a conversation with wildlife cinematographer Bob Talbot and a Michael Jackson music video from the soundtrack. "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" and "Free Willy 3: The Rescue" available on DVD at $19.98; VHS, $9.94.

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The Last Seduction and The Last Seduction II (Artisan Entertainment: DVD and VHS, $14.98 each) Linda Fiorentino's scintillating 1994 hit and its sequel, starring Joan Severance, are available on DVD for the first time.

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