Police and crime dramas take center stage this week. Dragnet is ABC's modern take on a venerable TV icon. Kingpin from NBC is centered on the affairs of a drug-trafficking family. PBS in Battle of the X-Planes offers a close-up view of the battle waged by two industrial giants to win a landmark defense contract. Masterpiece Theatre presents Foyle's War, a detective series set in World War II England. And in the middle of a winter that has featured more snow than usual, say hello to Washington's TV Storm Troopers.


Sunday at 9 on CBS

This new "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation starring Emmy Award and three-time Tony Award-winner Glenn Close and Academy Award and Tony Award-winner Ellen Burstyn follows the impact that a mysterious work of art has had on the lives of its various owners, past and present.

Despite their vastly different backgrounds, the owners have been deeply affected by this powerful masterpiece and have experienced their lives' defining moments in its presence--for better or worse.

Thomas Gibson, Patrick Bergin and Kelly MacDonald co-star.



Sunday at 9 on PBS

In this film, set during the spring and summer of 1940 as World War II is breaking out in Europe, Christopher Foyle, a British police detective, wants to serve his country in the armed forces. But there are murder, espionage and treason to deal with in England--and his superiors consider him indispensable at home.

Michael Kitchen stars as the detective chief inspector who faces four difficult cases: "The German Woman" on Sunday; "The White Feather" on Feb. 9, "A Lesson in Murder" on Feb. 16 and "Eagle Day" on Feb.23.

Co-starring are Honeysuckle Weeks as Foyle's snappy young driver, Samantha "Sam" Stewart, and Anthony Howell as Foyle's physically and emotionally maimed assistant, Det. Sgt. Paul Milner.


Sunday and Tuesday at 10 on NBC

David Mills, a two-time Emmy Award-winning executive producer/writer who has been associated with "NYPD Blue," "The Corner, "ER" and "Homicide: Life on the Street" (and a former Washington Post staff writer), created this gritty new drama depicting the struggles and machinations of a powerful Mexican drug-trafficking family--displayed in graphic detail as they face challenges from both the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and from the dangerous underworld in which they reside.

Yancey Arias stars with Sheryl Lee, Ruben Carbajel, Bobby Cannavale, Angela Alvarado Rosa, Brian Benben and Shay Roundtree.

Allen Coulter ("The Sopranos") directed the pilot episode from a script written by Mills.


Sunday at 10 on ABC

Ed O'Neill stars as Joe Friday in an updated version of the detective series, with stories drawn from Los Angeles's rich crime history. Ethan Embry plays Friday's sidekick. The series is produced by Dick Wolf, architect of the "Law & Order" crime-story franchise.


Tuesday at at 8 on PBS

From 1996 to 2001, Lockheed Martin and Boeing produced rival designs and prototypes for the Joint Strike Fighter-- a stealthy, affordable combat plane intended for the 21st-century needs of the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marines. This "NOVA" production looks behind the scenes, showing how the world's newest fighter took shape as Boeing and Lockheed Martin competed to win the largest contract in military history.


Tuesday at 9:30 on NBC

Three-time Emmy-winner Richard Appel ("The Simpsons," "King of the Hill") is the executive producer behind this comedy set in legal circles, centered on a new class of idealistic assistant U.S. attorneys in New York. Scott Foley plays a promising young assistant U.S. attorney who faces an uphill battle in his pursuit of both career and romantic success.

Also starring are Amanda Detmer, Peter Jacobson, John Ross Bowie, Ana Ortiz and Eddie McClintock.



Wednesday at 8 on CBS

Host Bob Barker ventures into prime time for three Wednesday-night airings of the popular daytime game show. For the first time in the show's 31 years, players may win $1 million by spinning the big wheel and landing on the dollar spot or by totaling $1 in two spins.

The program returns on Feb. 12 and 19 at 8 p.m.


Thursday at 8 on ABC

This made-for-TV movie stars Mandy Patinkin in a story focused on a safety investigators whose job is to probe travel accidents and find ways to prevent them. Kevin Dunn co-stars.