The time for enjoying baseball games in balmy weather is approaching. Teams are getting ready in Florida and Arizona and fans, too, can get the fever by taking a look at a few of the wonderful movies about the National pastime.

Three very engaging movies are being released Tuesday by Paramount Home Entertainment. The first is "Bang the Drum Slowly" (1974), starring a young Robert De Niro and Michael Moriarty in the screen version of Mark Harris's novel about a catcher stricken with Hodgkin's disease but determined to make it through the season without allowing the team owners to know. "Fear Strikes Out" (1957) is a true story about Jimmy Piersall who played 17 seasons in the majors, mostly with Boston (he was a Washington Senator in 1962-63) who suffered a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized before he was able to rejoin the Red Sox. And finally there is "Talent for the Game" (1991) starring Edward James Olmos as the old scout searching for major league talent.

In a few weeks MGM celebrates the new season with the issue of three diamond classics: Gary Cooper in "The Pride of the Yankees"; Jackie Robinson in "The Jackie Robinson Story"; and "Eight Men Out" at $14.95. Also, "Bull Durham" with Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon is $19.95.

A half-dozen others worth looking for at your video rental shop are Robert Redford in "The Natural," Costner in "Field of Dreams," John Goodman in "The Babe," William Bendix in "The Babe Ruth Story" (1948) or Dan Dailey as Dizzy Dean in "The Pride of St. Louis." Also, a favorite of many--hard to find but worth the search--is the HBO film of the mid-80s, "Long Gone."

Current Video Releases

An Affair to Remember (Twentieth Century Fox: DVD, $19.98; VHS, $9.98) Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr star in this memorable 1958 romantic tale of love and destiny now added to the Fox Studio Classics collection.

Tuck Everlasting (Walt Disney Home Entertainment: DVD $29.99, VHS, $22.99) Ben Kingsley, Sissy Spacek and William Hurt star in the story based on Natalie Babbitt's book. Alexis Bledel, Amy Irving, Jonathan Jackson and Scott Bairstow co-star.

About a Boy (Universal Studios Home Video: DVD, $26.98; VHS, priced for rental) Hugh Grant stars in this feel-good movie about a good-looking bachelor whose primary goal is life is avoiding responsibility. He learns from a 12-year-old that he's never too old to grow up.

Rebecca (WGBH Boston Video: DVD $19.95; VHS, $29.95, 800-949-8670) from the PBS Masterpiece Theatre version starring Charles Dance as Maxim de Winter and Emilia Fox as his new second wife and Diana Rigg as the sinister gothic housekeeper in the story set in elegant Monte Carlo and dramatic Cornwall in the 1930s.

National sales

1. Sweet Home Alabama

2. 101 Dalmatians II

3. Ice Age

4. Lilo & Stitch

5. Spider-Man

6. Signs

7. SpongeBob SquarePants: Sea Stories

8. Scooby-Doo

9. Stuart Little 2

10. Monsters, Inc.

11. Fear Dot Com

12. Beauty and the Beast

13. Goldmember

14. Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13

15. Like Mike

National rentals

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2. Sweet Home Alabama

3. The Bourne Identity

4. The Banger Sisters

5. Signs

6. Brown Sugar

7. The Master of Disguise

8. About a Boy

9. Formula 51

10. Barbershop

11. Unfaithful

12. XXX

13. The Good Girl

14. Minority Report

15. Serving Sara

--Video Business, week ended Feb. 16

Local sales

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2. Sweet Home Alabama

3. 101 Dalmatians II

4. Lilo & Stitch

5. Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13

6. Daredevil vs. Spiderman

7. Ice Age

8. Monsters, Inc.

9. Stuart Little 2

10. Spider-Man

11. Scooby-Doo

12. Hey Arnold: The Movie

13. SpongeBob SquarePants:

Bikini Bottom Bash

14. Legally Blonde

15. Beauty and the Beast

Local rentals

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

2. Sweet Home Alabama

3. The Bourne Identity

4. The Banger Sisters

5. Brown Sugar

6. Signs

7. About a Boy

8. Master of Disguise

9. Formula 51

10. Unfaithful

11. Serving Sara

12. Barbershop

13. Minority Report

14. Possession

15. XXX

--Blockbuster Video, week ended Feb. 16