Fresh from a successful reunion movie, Hunter returns as a regular Saturday night series. Fox sets out to Test the Nation, both on-screen and online. A&E offers a two-night drama of the rise and fall of Napoleon. On Bravo, Michael Palin explores the Sahara Desert. First lady Laura Bush guests on Sesame Street as the venerable children's show opens its 34th season. And My Big Fat Greek Life is just one of many movies that have been translated for television. How many do you remember?


Sunday at 8 on NBC

Brittany Snow, who plays Meg Pryor, the young woman at the center of this sixties-era series, this week finds her romance with Luke, played by guest star Jamie Elman, heating up. Her concern: Just how experienced is he in matters of love? She takes up her concern on this matter with pal Roxanne, played by Vanessa Lengies, resulting in a shocking turn of events.

Elsewhere in the Pryor family, dad, played by Tom Verica, is rethinking things at his shop, and young JJ, played by Will Estes, is firing up a romance of his own.

The series, which has the Dick Clark "American Bandstand" show as its backdrop, this week features Vivian Green as Motown singer Brenda Holloway.


Sunday at 9 on PBS

Longtime favorite and beknighted Derek Jacobi stars in this crime drama centered on a case being tried in London's Old Bailey courthouse.

The five-part, contemporary story focuses on the work of the jury, whose members bring their own stories to their deliberations in the case of a Sikh teenager accused of killing a fellow student with a ceremonial sword.

Jacobi plays the defense counsel handling the racially charged case, and Sir Antony Sher is the zealous prosecutor.

The drama opens with a two-hour episode, with one-hour installments scheduled through April 27.


Tuesday at 9 on NBC

A two-hour concert program is distilled from Cher's farewell tour and is expected to include selections from her "I Got You Babe" days to the current "Living Proof" collection. It's a busy week for the singer-actress who also guest stars on the season finale of "Will & Grace" Tuesday at 8 on NBC.


Friday at 8 on Fox

Sharpen a handful of No. 2 pencils and settle in for a gruelling two hours on Fox.

The network that is the home of "American Idol" and "Joe Millionaire" sets out this evening to give in-studio participants and those playing at home via the Internet a chance to test--and calculate--their IQs.

The online side of the show can be found at

Fox says, perhaps with tongue in cheek, that it will be able to determine such things as where the smartest people live and whether men or women tend to be more intelligent.

Okay, let's play. Here are some sample questions. (Answers to the right.)

1. Which one does not fit with the others?

a. Chair, b. Table, c. Lamp, d. Cupboard

2. The following numbers change according to a set pattern. Choose the number that continues the series.

7, 5, 8, 6, 9, 7, ?

a. 11, b. 8, c. 10, d. 12


Saturday at 9 on NBC

When the recent "Hunter" reunion movie attracted 10.5 million viewers, NBC ordered new episodes of the police drama that first aired from 1984 to 1991. The series opens with a two-hour installment.

Fred Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer resume their roles as Rick Hunter and Dee Dee McCall.

The story resumes with McCall transferring back to the San Diego police force after the death of her fiance, reuniting her with Hunter in the robbery and homicide division

Their investigation of a string of bank robberies brings Hunter face to face with an old nemesis. That would be one Randall Skaggs, out on parole and out for revenge against the police detective who put him away years earlier. That would be Hunter.

Answers: 1. c; 2. c.