Five classic musical films featuring featuring master wordsmith Cole Porter's masterful hits have been transferred to DVD and will be released Tuesday by Warner Home Video.

The films are:

"High Society" (1956) was the musical version of "The Philadelphia Story" and starred Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly." Memorable songs include "True Love," "Well" "Did You Evah" and "Now You Has Jazz."

"Kiss Me Kate" (1953) Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson star in this musical version of "The Taming of the Shrew," with 14 Porter songs, led by "Too Darn Hot."

"Silk Stockings" (1957) starred Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse in this Broadway hit based on Greta Garbo's comedy "Ninotchka." It was Astaire's last MGM musical peformance.

"Broadway Melody of 1940" (1940) has legends Astaire and Eleanor Powell tap "Begin the Beguine" into immortality.

"Les Girls" (1957) George Cukor directed Gene Kelly and Mitzi Gaynor in this gal's memoir of her cabaret days.

All DVDs include a documentary on the making of the film. They list for $19.98 each and $89.92 for a set.

Warner also is releasing "The Great American Songbook," hosted by Michael Feinstein. Those featured include Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hammerstein, George and Ira Gershwin, Astaire, Crosby, Doris Day, Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, Kelly, Al Jolson, Ethel Merman and Mel Torme.

Current Video Releases

21 Shirley Temple videos (due Wednesday from Fox Home Entertainment: VHS, $9.98) The little girl with the curly hair turns 75 on Wednesday and Fox is releasing all 21 of its Shirley Temple titles, including her 1934 feature film debut "Stand Up and Cheer." Also, "Captain January," "Just Around the Corner," "Young People," "Our Little Girl," "Baby Take a Bow," "The Blue Bird," "Bright Eyes," "Curly Top," "Dimples," "Heidi," "The Little Colonel", "Little Miss Broadway," "The Little Princess," "The Littlest Rebel," "Poor Little Rich Girl," "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm," "Shirley Temple Sing & Dance Along," "The Stowaway," "Susannah of the Mounties" and "Wee Willie Winkle."

Six new yoga and hula videos (Natural Journeys: VHS, $14.98 each) Four new "Sacred Yoga Practice" featuring Rainbeau Mars, "Vinyasa Flow For Beginners," "Vinyasa Flow Pure Power," "Vinyasa Flow Pure Sweat" and "Vinyasa Flow Pure Tranquility." Also two "Hula Workouts" featuring Kili in "Hula Workout for Weight Loss" and "Hula Workout for Beginners." Both were shot on Maui.

Two Weeks Notice (due Tuesday from Warner Home Video: DVD, $27.98; VHS, $22.99) Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant spice up this comedy about an eccentric attorney and her client who discover it's never too late to arbitrate a lovely settlement.

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Local DVD rentals

1. Red Dragon

2. Maid in Manhattan

3. Ghost Ship

4. Jackass: The Movie

5. 8 Mile

6. The Ring

7. Friday After Next

8. Far From Heaven

9. I Spy

10. The Road to Perdition

11. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

12. Empire

13. One Hour Photo

14. Sweet Home Alabama

15. Swimfan