Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller prove that opposites do attract in Universal Studios's "Along Came Polly," which comes to DVD Tuesday for $19.95 (VHS $15.95).

Stiller's character decides to make some changes in his life after a disastrous honeymoon ends with his wife's affair with a scuba instructor.

As he attempts to go on with his life, he runs into a childhood classmate (Aniston) and decides that she's his destiny.

Although the two are vastly different -- she's a risk-taker, while he prefers to play it safe -- they find they balance one another. His influence helps her plant roots in New York. Her influence has him eating peanuts off the ground.

Not all critics were enthralled by the romantic comedy. Movie critic Ann Hornaday wrote, " 'Along Came Polly' is the sort of movie that depends for its laughs on gastric distress, scatology and a blind ferret."

Debra Messing of TV's "Will & Grace" plays Stiller's unfaithful bride. Alec Baldwin also stars in the PG-13 film.

Bonus features include an alternate opening, deleted scenes and outtakes.

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