If this Santa comes tumbling down your chimney, he's probably there to take gifts rather than leave them.

Billy Bob Thornton is a thief whose plan to steal from a department store during the Christmas holiday includes serving as its Kriss Kringle in "Bad Santa," which comes to DVD on Tuesday from Buena Vista (DVD $29.99, VHS $24.99).

In addition to the theatrical version, an unrated edition titled "Badder Santa," which includes previously omitted footage, is available for the same price.

Deleted scenes and bloopers are part of the bonus materials for both versions.

"Bad Santa" is hardly your typical holiday film filled with merry wishes and heartwarming happy endings.

Post movie critic Stephen Hunter described the 2003 comedy as "funny as hell," but suggested it was targeted toward "those that hate Christmas." He said Thornton's character was "banally bad, vile and scuzzy."

The late John Ritter stars as the department store manager; Bernie Mac portrays a suspicious security officer. Lauren Graham, Tony Cox and Brett Kelly co-star in the R-rated movie.

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