Nominated for seven Academy Awards, "Cold Mountain" is a Civil War story about the women left behind as the men in their lives go to war to defend their way of life.

The just released two-disc DVD ($29.99, VHS $22.99) has bonus features that include 11 deleted scenes and a special celebrating the film's music.

The tale centers around Inman (Jude Law), a young soldier who soon realizes the war conflicts with his personal beliefs. After he is injured, he abandons his post and begins the dangerous and long journey home, where Ada (Nicole Kidman) awaits.

Ada has struggled to maintain their land and be faithful and optimistic, but her letters to Inman remain unanswered, and she wonders whether he will ever return.

In the meantime, she takes in Ruby (Renee Zellweger), a lively and independent neighbor whose father is on the run from vigilantes.

Post movie critic Desson Thomson wrote that Kidman and Law's performances were lacking.

"They shuffle through this handsome adaptation of Charles Frazier's celebrated novel like romantic living dead in period costume. You wonder if this is an epic romance or a ghost story."

Zellweger won an Oscar for her supporting role in the R-rated film, which also stars Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, Kathy Baker and Donald Sutherland.

Current DVD/Video Releases

The Butterfly Effect (New Line Cinema: DVD $27.95, VHS $22.99; R) Ashton Kutcher ("Punk'd," "That '70's Show") stars as a lifelong victim of severe memory lapses whose journal of recorded moments becomes a portal into the past, which he hopes to improve for himself and those whose lives he's touched. Amy Smart co-stars.

The Cheetah Girls (Buena Vista: DVD $19.99, VHS $14.99; G) Based on the popular books by Deborah Gregory, this Disney original movie stars Raven, Adrienne Bailon, Keily Williams and Sabrina Bryan as an ethnically diverse, teenage musical group.

The First Olympics (A&E: DVD $24.95) The first Olympics took place in 776 B.C. when the greatest warriors in Greece traveled to Olympia to compete in events of great strength, speed and endurance. The DVD includes three documentaries: "The First Olympics," "Blood and Honor at the First Olympics" and "Greek Gods."

The Greatest Story Ever Told (MGM: DVD $14.95; G) This 1965 classic recounts the life story of the biblical and historical Jesus from his beginnings in a manger to his crucifixion. Max von Sydow starred in the two-hour epic that was nominated for five Academy Awards.

Secret Window (Columbia TriStar: DVD $28.95; PG-13) Johnny Depp stars as a writer threatened by a mysterious stranger who accuses the author of plagiarism. He has less than a week to prove that he is the originator of "Secret Window." John Turturro, Timothy Hutton and Charles Dutton co-star in the psychological thriller.