Matt Damon stars as a victim of amnesia who awakens to a world of intrigue and danger in "The Bourne Identity," which will be released on DVD Tuesday from Universal Studios for $29.99.

The bonus materials include never-before-scene footage, interviews with Damon and co-star Franka Potente and a look at the late Robert Ludlum, who authored the series of books from which the film was adapted.

Damon is Jason Bourne who wakes to find two bullets in his back and quickly realizes he has no memory of the events.

When his investigation leads to the discovery of lots of money, weapons, and several passports with various names and his photo, he realizes he is a hunted, elite government assassin who is part of a murder attempt gone wrong.

Bourne doesn't know whom he can trust but finds a friend in a lovely stranger (Potente) who helps him figure out how to save his life.

Car chases, fights and more action follow.

Movie critic Desson Thomson wrote, "The movie wasn't perfect, but it was pure kinetic flow. And there was a sense of growing sophistication."

Chris Cooper, Clive Owen, Brian Cox and Julia Stiles co-star in the PG-13 film.

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