Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Nick

Host Linda Ellerbee spends time with members of the Dykes family, all of whom perform with the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus.

The five Dykes children discuss what life is like as a kid under the big top.

crimes of fashion

Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family

Kaley Cuoco ("8 Simple Rules") stars as Brooke, a former orphan whose determination has taken her to the top of the fashion industry.

When her biological grandfather dies, he leaves her more than just his estate. She inherits the family business and is now a mob boss of a crime syndicate that is trying to go legit.

Dominic Chianese co-stars in this original two-hour movie.


Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Cinemax

This documentary, from the director of the award-winning "Hoop Dreams," tells the story of Stevie Fielding, a troubled 11-year-old, from the perspective of his mentor, Steve James.

The two Steves met in 1982, when James was a college student. He graduated in 1985 and left Fielding, who lived with his grandmother, in the destructive environment that was his home life.

When James returns to visit his friend, now 24, he finds the years have taken their toll. Five years after their initial reunion, Fielding is arrested and charged with molesting a young cousin.

James's documentary seeks to find answers and understand the life that shaped Fielding.


Friday at 9 p.m. on Noggin

Noggin's first original animated series, described as a mix of "Friends" and "Twilight Zone," is a comedic look at teenage life through the eyes of four high-school buddies: Abby, Beth, Kevin and Harold.

When things are out of whack, weird things happen. For example, if you're insecure about something, that flaw is magnified.

dead like me

Friday at 10 p.m. on Showtime

George (Ellen Muth) and the grim reapers return for a second season of this dark comedy that focuses on their experiences beyond death.

George and her team, including Rube, Roxy and Mason, still have unresolved issues that keep them from passing into a peaceful afterlife.


Friday at 11 p.m. on HBO

The second season of this show that offers political analysis is just in time for the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Maher, the former host of "Politically Incorrect," offers his unique opinions through monologues, one-on-one interviews, round-table discussions and a weekly editorial.