It's a road trip movie for the whole family as Cedric the Entertainer and Vanessa Williams head the cast of "Johnson Family Vacation" (DVD $27.98, VHS $19.98).

The duo and their trio of kids pile into a Burberry-furbished fully-loaded SUV and head to a family reunion in Missouri. In addition to outside obstacles, such as a crazed trucker and a devil-worshipping hitchhiker, conflicts between the relatives ensue. Will they be able to pull themselves together and win the reunion's coveted Family of the Year award?

The DVD includes extended and deleted scenes, commentaries from Cedric the Entertainer, outtakes and the featurette "Max on Set."

Post movie critic Michael O'Sullivan described the film as "another excursion down the well-traveled highway of the comic road movie."

"Single-handedly saving a movie may be a tall order for a short-legged clown, but Cedric the Entertainer is the best (and probably only) reason to take this 'Vacation,' " he wrote.

Steve Harvey, young rap artist Bow Wow, Solange Knowles and Shannon Elizabeth co-star in the PG-13 movie.

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