Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen star as 17-year-old sisters who find themselves in over their heads in "New York Minute," available Tuesday from Warner Home Video (DVD $27.95, VHS $19.96).

Mary-Kate is Roxy, a spunky, punky rebel whose goal is to get backstage at a concert and slip her demo to a band. Ashley plays the more conservative Jane, an overachiever within reach of an Oxford scholarship.

Their adventures in the Big Apple -- from Times Square to Chinatown to Harlem -- include run-ins with assassins and politicians and an overzealous truancy officer.

They also find romance along the way.

Critics' reactions suggest the movie may be just right for rental. Post critic Ann Hornaday wrote: "The movie is supposed to be a family action comedy about the high jinks of two spirited high schoolers run amok in Manhattan. At the end of the day -- actually one very, very long day -- 'New York Minute' is a portrait of two performers navigating the difficult journey from child stars to tween cult figures to adult actresses."

Her final summation: "The effect isn't just frenetic, unfunny and dull. It's kind of creepy."

The PG-rated film, nominated for a Teen Choice Award, co-stars Eugene Levy and includes guest appearances by Andy Richter, Jack Osbourne and Darrell Hammond.

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