'You're Fired!" Everyone knows Donald Trump's weekly mantra from his NBC reality show. Most fans also know who won the fight for supremacy as 16 wannabes -- eight women and eight men -- competed in the corporate jungle of New York.

The DVD release of the show, available Tuesday in a five-disc collection for $59.98, now gives fans a chance to relive some of the show's more memorable moments and offers a glimpse of what's to come when the second season kicks off on Sept. 9.

The DVD extras include an in-depth preview of the show's second season, audition tapes of first season's participants, career advice from Trump's advisers, deleted scenes and Trump's words to live by.

Season one candidates lived together in a New York apartment and competed in challenges that included selling lemonade, creating an ad campaign for an airline company, and renovating and selling rundown apartments within a 24-hour period.

Some got lost in the pack while others proved they were worthy of consideration for a lofty position in the Trump Organization. A few, such as Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth of the District and Sam Solovey of Maryland, were known for their unique -- sometimes problematic -- personalities.

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