After an unpleasant ride on the not-so-friendly-skies, Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) wins a multimillion dollar lawsuit and starts his own airline where minority travelers can feel welcome.

"Soul Plane" lands in stores this week from MGM (DVD $26.98). A "Mile High" unrated version, including scenes omitted from the theatrical release, is available for the same price.

Both versions include deleted scenes, outtakes, a photo gallery and commentaries from the cast members and director Jessy Terrero.

Instead of first class and coach, riders on the fictional NWA airline sit in first class -- where they're served filet mignon and Cristal -- or low class -- where chicken and Colt 45 are offered.

Post movie critic Ann Hornaday described the movie as "only fitfully funny" and wrote, "It makes up for what it lacks in genuine humor by overdosing viewers with outrageous sexuality and outsize stereotypes."

Rap artists Snoop Dogg and Method Man, Mo'Nique, John Witherspoon, D.L. Hughley and Tom Arnold co-star.

Current DVD/Video Releases

A Celebration of Me, Grover (Sony Wonder: DVD $12.98, VHS $9.98) Join Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and Oscar as they take a look back at some of Grover's most unforgettable moments as a disco dancer, elevator operator, waiter, marshal and more.

Columbo: The Complete First Season (Universal: five-disc DVD $59.98) Peter Falk won four Emmy Awards for his role as the trench coat-wearing homicide detective who always solves the case, despite his rumpled appearance.

Eddie Murphy: Raw (Paramount: DVD $14.99; R) This 1987 theatrical release features the stand-up comedy of Eddie Murphy.

Iron Jawed Angels (HBO: DVD $26.99) This HBO original movie tells the story of women's suffrage from the perspective of those who sacrificed the most and fought the hardest -- the women who struggled to earn the right to vote. Angelica Huston, Julia Ormond, Hillary Swank and Patrick Dempsey star.

The Punisher (Lions Gate: DVD $27.98; R) Thomas Jane stars as the former FBI agent and Marvel comic-book hero who becomes judge, jury and executioner when his family is taken from him.

Rounders (Buena Vista: DVD $19.99; R) Mike (Matt Damon) decides law school is his best bet after losing all of his money in a card game. He returns to the poker table with perilous results when his childhood friend (Ed Norton) asks for help getting out of debt.

Twilight Zone (New Line Cinema: six-disc DVD $59.98) Forest Whitaker hosts this 2002 remake of the Rod Serling classic series. The collection includes appearances by Jessica Simpson, Jason Bateman, Jason Alexander, Vivica A. Fox, Eriq La Salle and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Whispers in the Dark (Paramount: DVD $14.99; R) A psychiatrist meets and begins an affair with a handsome pilot, but when one of her patients turns up dead, the clues point to her new love interest. Is he guilty of murder?