Fans of the "Star Wars" trilogy, one of the most successful movie series to date, already may know who Luke Skywalker's father is, but this collection from Twentieth Century Fox includes more than 10 hours of bonus materials for those whose can't get enough (four-disc DVD $69.98).

The collection includes revised versions of "A New Hope" (1977), "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Return of the Jedi" (1983).

Each of the three discs features commentary from filmmaker George Lucas, actress Carrie Fisher, sound designer Ben Brutt and several special-effects experts.

The bonus disc includes games; a photo gallery; cast interviews; and the featurettes "The Characters of Star Wars," "Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy," "The Force is With Them: The Legacy of Star Wars" and "The Birth of the Lightsaber."

"Star Wars" follows the struggles of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), a simple farm boy who becomes involved in a revolt against the powerful Empire and its ruthless and brutal rule.

Skywalker and the Rebellion, including Princess Leia (Fisher) and smuggler Han Solo (Harrison Ford), attempt to overthrow the powerful Empire and the evil Darth Vader and bring peace to their galaxy.

When the movie premiered in 1977, it set a new record for opening-week business in the Washington area grossing, $94,992 in its first seven days at the Uptown Theater on Connecticut Avenue.

The box set is scheduled for release on Tuesday, but is already No. 1 on Amazon's bestseller list.

James Earl Jones provides the voice of Darth Vader. Billy Dee Williams and Alec Guinness co-star in the PG-rated films.

Current DVD/Video Releases

Angels in America (HBO: two-disc DVD $39.98) The HBO miniseries garnered eight Emmy nominations and won five Golden Globes. Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and the District's Jeffrey Wright star in this adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play about homosexuality and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the '80s.

Coffee and Cigarettes (MGM: DVD $29.98, VHS $27.50; R) This collection of 10 comedic black-and-white vignettes was shot over a period of 20 years. The stories include "Cousins," starring Cate Blanchett in a dual role, and "Delirium," featuring Bill Murray.

Lassie: The 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition (Classic Media: three-disc DVD $29.98) Twenty-four episodes featuring the award-winning courageous canine are included in this collection. The series launched on CBS in 1954 and Lassie was featured in numerous movies.

Man on Fire (Twentieth Century Fox: DVD $29.98; R) Denzel Washington stars as a CIA agent-turned-bodyguard after a rash of kidnappings terrorize Mexico. When his charge (Dakota Fanning) is abducted, he vows to find her and kill those responsible.

Mean Girls (Paramount: DVD $19.95; PG-13) After years of home schooling, Cady (Lindsay Lohan) enters public high school and must adjust to the unwritten rules of teenagers. She becomes a target of the mean girls and, in her quest to defend herself, discovers she has become a mean girl herself. Tina Fey ("Saturday Night Live") wrote the screenplay and co-stars.

Popular (Buena Vista: six-disc DVD $59.99) The first season of this WB series -- winner of a 2000 Teen Choice Award -- includes 22 episodes, never-before-seen footage and cast commentaries. Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope star as high-school rivals who become step siblings when their parents marry.