If trick-or-treating's not your thing, and spending the night in front of the tube is, plenty of spine-tingling scary movies and TV series can help you commemorate the most dreadful day of the year. Some recent releases:

* Dawn of the Dead (Universal: DVD $29.98; VHS $22.98; R) A few survivors make a desperate last stand against a virus that turns humans into voracious zombies. Mekhi Phifer and Ving Rhames star. A director's cut version dishes up fare that's even scarier than the theatrical release.

* The Fearless Vampire Killers (Warner Bros.: DVD $19.97; not rated) Vampire hunter Professor Abronsius and his assistant Alfred challenge the fearsome Count Von Krolock after he snatches Alfred's beautiful crush. Roman Polanski stars in the classic horror parody he also directed and co-wrote.

n Frankenfish (Columbia TriStar: DVD $24.96) Based on the real-life invasion of the snakehead fish, this film features a sea creature that pursues humans in water and on land.

* Garfield's Halloween Adventure (Twentieth Century Fox: DVD $14.98) Garfield and Odie are shipwrecked and discover a haunted house and pirates.

* He Knows You're Alone (Warner Bros.: DVD $19.97; not rated) Brides-to-be are disappearing and detectives trace the crimes to a psychotic maniac. Tom Hanks stars.

* The Hunger (Warner Bros.: DVD $19.97; not rated) Tony Scott directed this tale about a vampire who preys on party-goers and finds a new partner when her lover suddenly ages and wastes away. David Bowie and Susan Sarandon star.

* Roswell, Season Two (Twentieth Century Fox: six-disc DVD $59.98) The second season of this WB series finds the four stranded teenage aliens learning how to relate to humans while maintaining their secret.

* Salem's Lot (Warner Bros.: DVD $19.98) Based on the Stephen King novel, this movie from TNT follows Rob Lowe as a journalist who deals with a traumatic childhood incident.

Current DVD/Video Releases

Cedric the Entertainer Presents (Twentieth Century Fox: three-disc DVD $39.98) Twenty-one episodes, including six that never aired, are included in this collection of the award-winning variety show.

Death on the Nile (A&E: DVD $19.95) A honeymoon pleasure cruise turns into anything but, as newlyweds are harassed by a jilted lover and a body is found on board. David Suchet plays investigator Hercule Poirot.

Mulan (Buena Vista: two-disc DVD $19.99; G) A young girl who masquerades as a boy to take her father's place in the army becomes one of China's greatest heroes. Eddie Murphy and Pat Morita co-star.

A Slipping Down Life (Lions Gate: DVD $26.98; R) A musician capitalizes on a young girl's obsession with him in this film that won a grand jury prize nomination at the Sundance Film Festival.

That '70s Show: The Complete First Season (Twentieth Century Fox: four-disc DVD $49.98) This Fox sitcom set in the '70s follows high-school friends as they navigate through the decade of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace head the cast of the show, which is now in its seventh season.

The Lost Prince (BBC: DVD $19.98) The youngest child of George V and Queen Mary suffers from epilepsy and a learning disability. Preoccupied with world affairs, his parents become increasingly distant, forcing the young prince to depend on and trust in his nurse, Lalla.