Two popular police shows from the late '80s and early '90s are bringing out the big guns on DVD.

The first to report for duty is Fox's "21 Jump Street" ($39.98), the hour-long series about undercover youth cops that launched Johnny Depp's career. All 13 of the first season's episodes appear on the already-available four-DVD set, along with cast interviews and audio commentary. But don't get too excited about hearing Depp's thoughts on the show; the "Finding Neverland" star did not participate in the extras.

If you prefer police officers with receding hairlines, season one of "The Commish" ($59.98) comes to DVD on Nov. 16. Starring Michael Chiklis in his pre-bald, pre-"The Shield" days, the series comes in a six-disc set from Anchor Bay Entertainment, which also is releasing "21 Jump Street." Producer-director-writer Stephen J. Cannell is affiliated with both shows; he was co-creator of "Jump Street" and executive producer of "The Commish."

All of this badge banter may have you hankering for more cop TV on DVD. No need to put out an APB: Though Universal Home Video has made no official announcement, word on the street is that "Kojak" may make its DVD debut in 2005 along with the long-awaited "Miami Vice." The Web site says "Vice" could arrive as early as January, though a Universal spokesman would not confirm that date. Still, it sounds like Crockett and Tubbs fans have reason to be hopeful.

On the other hand, there's no buzz about Steven Bochco's campy classic "Cop Rock" dancing on to DVD shelves. That case, for now anyway, is definitely cold.


Eddie Izzard (Ella Communications; three DVDs $19.99 each; NR; available Tuesday)

For the first time, live recordings of three sold-out Eddie Izzard comedy tours from the '90s are coming to DVD. "Unrepeatable," "Definite Article" and "Glorious" (each sold separately) include commentary tracks, optional bleeped audio tracks and trivia. Coinciding with his DVD releases, Izzard will release on Tuesday a CD of his 1999 HBO special "Dress to Kill" and will appear that night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

The Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection (Universal; six-DVD set $59.98; G; available Tuesday) Including the classic full-length feature films "The Cocoanuts," "Animal Crackers," "Monkey Business," Horse Feathers" and "Duck Soup" in one beautiful DVD collectors box set would seem to be enough to please even the most hungry Marx Brothers fans. Universal, though, also is throwing in an extra DVD of rare archival telecasts from the "Today" show that feature interviews with Groucho, Harpo and William Marx, Harpo's son. Plus the set comes with a 40-page booklet of rare photos and movie posters.

Gone With the Wind Collector's Edition (Warner Home Video; four-DVD set $39.92; G; available Tuesday) One of the most celebrated films of all time gets a lavish four-disc DVD treatment this week. In addition to a full digital restoration, the set includes a documentary on the making of the famous picture, interviews with star Olivia de Havilland and an in-depth look at the restoration process used to prepare the DVD.

-- Justin Rude