In case you haven't noticed -- and we're pretty sure you have -- it's a little hot outside. (Welcome to Washington in August.) But if you're willing to brave the heat just long enough to get to your nearest DVD retailer, you can spend these steamy summer evenings in the comfort of your living room with the following flicks and TV shows, released within the past two weeks:

"ALF: Season Two" (Lions Gate Home Video: four-disc DVD $39.98; not rated; available Tuesday) The adventures of Gordon Shumway, the furry brown wiseguy from the planet Melmac, continue as ALF is relocated to the family garage for bad behavior. Extras include an interactive menu hosted by ALF and a pair of animated ALF cartoons.

"Beauty Shop" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, $28.95; rated PG-13; available Tuesday) Reprising her role from "Barbershop 2," stylist Gina (Queen Latifah) tires of her crude, flamboyant boss (Kevin Bacon) and opens her own salon. Extras include commentary by director Bille Woodruff and a gag reel.

"Dallas: The Complete Third Season" (Warner Home Video: five-disc DVD $39.98; not rated; available now) The prime-time soap opera set among a rich, spoiled and scheming Texas oil family ended its third year with one of the most-talked about cliffhangers in TV history as master conniver J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman) found himself on the wrong end of a gun barrel. The set has 25 episodes, with commentary by co-stars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

"John Cleese: Wine for the Confused" (Koch: DVD $19.98; not rated; available now) On a trip through California vineyard country, the "Monty Python" funny guy brings his droll British wit to the art of choosing, tasting and serving wine. The DVD includes Cleese's visit with Brendan Fraser and stops at some of the wineries featured in the film "Sideways."

"Kung Fu Hustle" (Columbia TriStar Home Video: DVD $28.95; rated R; available now) Director, co-writer and star Stephen Chow takes viewers on a live-action Looney Tunes thrill ride in this comic-action hybrid of martial-arts tussles and Three Stooges mayhem. Chow plays a sniveling wannabe desperately trying to join the mob gang that runs things in a pre-communist revolution Chinese ghetto, where martial-arts heroes living incognito among the rabble step forward to duke it out with their oppressive slumlords. Chow joins some of his cast mates for commentary and contributes an interview. The DVD also features deleted footage, outtakes and bloopers, plus a behind-the-scenes featurette.

"Six Feet Under: The Complete Fourth Season" (Warner Home Video: five-disc DVD $99.98; not rated; available Tuesday) The dark HBO drama may be deep-sixed for good, but starting Tuesday you can rest in peace knowing that the penultimate season has made it to DVD. The season begins with Nate (Peter Krause) grieving over the loss of his wife, Lisa (Lili Taylor), and ends with his proposal to Brenda (Rachel Griffiths).

"The O.C.: The Complete Second Season" (Warner Home Video: seven-disc DVD $69.98; not rated; available Tuesday) The wealthy youngsters of Newport Beach are back for another season of getting it on, breaking it off and everything in between. Extras include a featurette, "Beachy couture: How O.C. fashion is made"; a retrospective, "The O.C.: Obsess Completely"; and gags and goofs from the first two seasons.

-- From staff and wire reports