The storylines can spark the imagination with a fantasy ride on a winged horse, a fun construction project, or the adventures of some energetic twins. Whether sweet or sassy, these recently released DVDs star familiar faces to delight young viewers.

"Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus" (Lions Gate, one-disc DVD or VHS, $19.98; not rated) features the familiar doll character in the story of Princess Annika, who fights an evil wizard. Helping Annika in her battle to save her family is her new friend Brietta, a flying horse just like the famous Pegasus. Brietta's lavender wings carry Barbie along on her adventure. DVD extras include 15 minutes of 3-D footage along with four pairs of 3-D glasses. Games, outtakes and a music video are included.

He's big, he's purple and he's back in "Barney: The Land of Make Believe" (HIT Entertain-ment; DVD, $16.99; VHS, $12.99; not rated). Filmed on location at the Universal Orlando Resort, the story features Barney and his buddies meeting a storybook princess who comes to life. By using their imaginations, Barney and friends try to help the princess get home. On their trip, they run into a mermaid and a magician and have a chance to swim with dolphins. Extras include Barney's Island Tour, along with games and music.

"Bob's Big Plan" (HIT Entertain- ment; DVD, $14.99; VHS, $9.99; not rated) showcases the familiar little builder also seen in a PBS series. This time, Bob is busy building a new town. The disc includes two epi-sodes titled "Bob's Fresh Start" and "Lofty's Shelter," as well as extras such as a read-along and games.

"Meet the Koala Brothers," and "We're Here to Help" (Lions Gate; DVD, $16.98 each; not rated) feature cuddly koalas Buster and Frank, a busy pair of curious bears in Australia's outback country. They cruise the skies in their sunshine-yellow propeller plane, eager to find those needing help -- and, of course, there's always someone happy to get a hand. Their stop-frame animation friends include Josie the Joey, Mitzi the Possum and Ned the Wombat, who keeps the plane shipshape. Extras include two interactive games on each disc.

"Maya & Miguel -- Twice the Fun" and "Funny Fix-Ups" (Lions Gate; each DVD, $16.98; VHS, $12.98; not rated) stars the twins from the PBS series and their bilingual pet parrot, Paco. Their adventures from the PBS program provide a fun and easy-to-understand opportunity to observe culture and learn about another language. Featured voices include Lucy Liu, Erik Estrada and Lupe Ontiveros. Both DVDs include Spanish-language audio tracks and a bonus game.

"Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends -- A Cloudy Day in Sunny Patch" and "All Pupa'ed Out" (Lions Gate; each DVD, $16.98; VHS, $12.98; not rated) Miss Spider, a 3-D animated yellow creature who adopts homeless bugs, spins a web of kindness. In her woodland home, accompanied by her guitar-playing husband Holley, she teaches lessons of friendship to Shimmer the pink beetle, red ants Ned and Ted, and Bounce the bedbug. Extras include interactive games.