Creator Darren Star tapped into the mysteries of the incredibly fashionable female psyche when "Sex and the City" debuted on HBO in June 1998, and it paid off. In 2001, the series became the first cable show to win a Primetime Emmy award for outstanding comedy series, and nearly 11 million viewers were watching when the fabulous foursome ended their run in 2004.

For those of us who loved, laughed and cried right along with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, the show symbolized the dawn of a new era -- in which single women were smart, funny, confident and (gasp!) happy to be unhitched. The arrival of "Sex and the City: The Complete Series" reunites our four favorite New Yorkers, complete with all of the drama, wit and emotional baggage they acquire during their travails with love and life in the Big Apple.

All six seasons are included in a hot pink velvet portfolio emblazoned with the city skyline and, inside, there's a veritable treasure trove of girly guilty pleasures. A whopping 19 discs contain all 94 episodes, divided by season. The handy pocket-pages include still photos and a quip from each episode.

The mother lode of "Sex and the City" goodness is in the extras DVD, which has more special features than Carrie Bradshaw has designer handbags. In "Location, Location, Location!" viewers get a guide to some of the quartet's favorite Manhattan hangouts, such as Samantha's favorite lingerie boutique, Charlotte's pet store and the numerous restaurants and clubs they frequented.

Two interactive games help you determine which heroine you are most like and which of the show's leading men you'd be most compatible with. The "En-Sexlopedia" highlights the show's groundbreaking moments in fashion, dating, friends and relationships. A costupe featurette explores the characters' signature styles, listing clothes and shoes plus designers' names, so fashionistas can scope out the wardrobe must-haves.

Curious fans can go inside the writers' heads and see what could have been -- with three alternate versions of the series finale -- as well as say goodbye all over again with two 30-minute farewell tributes.

The big deterrent for "Sex and the City: The Complete Series" is the hefty price tag, but HBO doesn't cut any corners -- "complete" means complete. If that means you can catch up with your four best girlfriends until Manolos go out of style, it just might be worth the price.

SEX AND THE CITY: The complete series

HBO Video; DVD $299.95; available Tuesday