The Poseidon Adventure

8 p.m. on NBC

A storm-tossed luxury liner is the target of a bomb in this remake of the 1972 theatrical adventure film.

The S.S. Poseidon leaves Cape Town, South Africa, with 2,500 passengers, including a Homeland Security agent (Adam Baldwin) and a terrorist (Peter Butler). As passengers toast the new year, a bomb rips through the ship, capsizing it and leaving terrified survivors to make their way in an upside-down vessel.

The cast includes Steve Guttenberg, Bryan Brown, Peter Weller, Alex Kingston and Sylvia Syms in a role made famous by Shelley Winters.

Explorer: Nightmare In Jamestown

8 p.m. on National Geographic

The Thanksgiving Day celebration has its roots in the settlement of the colony at Plymouth, Mass. -- but more than a decade earlier, English settlers had established a colony at Jamestown, with a much different outcome.

Archaeologists and forensic experts have unearthed evidence of murder, starvation and disease -- along with a mysterious hero -- at the colony established in Virginia in 1607. This documentary looks at modern-day clues to what life was like in the 17th-century English colony.

Earth To America!

8 p.m. on TBS

A collection of comedians, from Will Ferrell to Wanda Sykes, will play for laughs about a serious topic. Taped in Las Vegas, this two-hour show spotlights environmental awareness with satire, sketches and stand-up routines from Tom Hanks, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Steve Martin, Ray Romano, Robin Williams and others.


2005 American Music Awards

8 p.m. on ABC

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones are scheduled to perform live as part of this annual salute to the best of contemporary music. Twenty-one awards in eight music categories will be presented to winners chosen by the public. Cedric the Entertainer hosts the three-hour show, airing live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Nova: The Storm That Drowned A City

8 p.m. on PBS

The fury of Hurricane Katrina is the focus of this new documentary, which explores how the flood defenses and relief planning of New Orleans were not enough to withstand the storm. "Frontline: The Storm" follows at 9 p.m., examining the local and federal response that failed to keep up with the storm's impact and aftermath.

I'm King Kong! The Exploits Of Merian C. Cooper

8 p.m. on TCM

Trek through Hollywood history and into the life of Merian C. Cooper, the producer whose giant gorilla terrorized New York. Cooper, a real-life adventurer, discovered that his off-screen exploits provided the energy that brought his films to life. Showings of "King Kong" (1933) and "Mighty Joe Young" (1949) follow the documentary.


Kenny Chesney: Somewhere In The Sun

8 p.m. on ABC

A wintertime retreat to a tropical island is something most of us can only fantasize about, but it's the real deal for Kenny Chesney. His paradise site -- "somewhere in the Caribbean" is as specific as it gets -- is his escape between concerts and studio sessions. On this special, Chesney performs some of his hits, including "Young," "When the Sun Goes Down" and "There Goes My Life."

The program also includes segments from Chesney's July concert tour, both behind the scenes and on stage.

Faith Hill: Fireflies

9 p.m. on NBC

Three of Hill's concerts are showcased in a special that also includes a session with her favorite songwriters. Hill performs her recent hit "Mississippi Girl," which she calls "an autobiographical song that was not written by me." (John Rich of Big & Rich and Adam Shoenfeld wrote it.)


Animal Planet Heroes: Hurricane Reunions

8 p.m. on Animal Planet

Emotional reunions are at the heart of this program, which follows the stories of several owners who had to leave their pets behind, how they found each other, and the rescuers and shelter workers who made the reunions possible.

The Reading Room

9 p.m. on Hallmark

A storefront reading room, complete with popular magazines and a soda machine that dispenses free beverages, is the legacy of William Campbell's late wife, Helen.

At her behest, Campbell, played by James Earl Jones, establishes the room in a struggling neighborhood, hoping to inspire literacy and dignity. Instead he is mugged, and he weathers break-ins and warnings to shut down.

But Campbell stubbornly keeps the reading room open and seeks acceptance in the community.