This test contains representative questions from several sources including Alcoholics Anonymous and Harvard Medical School. Your relationship to alcohol -- why you drink -- is just as important as how much you drink in determining whether you are in trouble. If you answer yes to three questions, you probably have a drinking problem. Five: You have a drinking problem. Ten: You're probably an alcoholic.

1. Has anyone ever complained about your drinking?

2. Have you ever missed work because of drinking?

3. Has your drinking caused financial problems?

4. If you went to a party or reception and found there was no booze available, would you look for the earliest opportunity to leave?

5. Do you drink every day?

6. Do you drink alone?

7. Do you drink in order to feel more socially secure at parties?

8. Do you drink in response to anxiety, loneliness, anger, disappointment?

9. Are you ever covert about your drinking (lying, hiding bottles, switching liquor stores, sneaking extra drinks at parties, etc.)?

10. Do you think any relationship has been adversely affected by your drinking?

11. Do you notice your consumption is out of line with the people you drink with?

12. When sober, do you regret things you have done or said while drinking?

13. Have you ever done any morning drinking (other than weekend brunch)?

14. Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to cut down (drinking only wine, no drinks before 6 p.m., etc.)?

15. Have you ever had a blackout, where you have no memory of what you were doing during part of the time you were drinking?

16. Have you ever been arrested for drunken driving?

17. Have you ever stayed drunk for several days at a time?

18. Have you ever noticed you can handle a lot more liquor than you used to?

19. Do you find you're getting more paranoid about how other people react to you?

20. Have you ever had morning shakes?