In this section, of all places, you have chosen to promote unhealthy stereotypes of men and women. In Sally Squires' article, "Sex in Pink and Blue" Jan. 23 , questionable theories and practices are given a frightening legitimacy.

It is certainly true that men and women are socialized to express their natural sexual desires in specific and often separate manners. But is there evidence that women are by nature more romantic or that men are by nature more aggressive? Instead of "showing how men and women are the same at some fundamental level," you are emphasizing purported differences.

By far the most disturbing element of the article, however, was the intimation that pornography is a legitimate means of satisfying the "blue drive" of men. Pornography has much more to do with violence toward and domination over women than with eroticism, whether it be romantic or coitus-oriented. Of course pornography is incomprehensible! Cruelty and objectification should be.

Furthermore, romance novels, although they also promote the submission of women, are a far cry from "written pornography." The vast majority of women entertain no violent or cruel thoughts toward men when they pick up a romance novel. If they contemplate any violence at all, it is, unfortunately, toward themselves.

This is the painful similarity between pornography and romance novels: They both perpetuate the myth that it is natural, desirable and erotic for men to be sexually aggressive and women to be romantic; for men to dominate and women to submit.