Here are some organizations that will provide mental health referral, treatment or information:

Community Mental Health Centers.

The District: 1807 H St. NW, Suite 300, 347-2510;1125 Spring Rd. NW, 576-7168; 3246 P St. NW, 282-0015; 2700 Martin Luther King Ave. SE, 373-7595; 1905 E. St. SE, 727-9011.

Virginia: Community Services Board, 301 Maple Ave. West, Vienna, (703) 281-6420; 801 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington, (703) 558-2334; 206 N. Washington St., Alexandria, (703) 836-5751.

Maryland: 2424 Reedie Drive, Wheaton, 565-5716; 50 Monroe St., Rockville, 279-1623; 14015 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, 384-0603; 8641 Colesville Rd., 565-7567; 542 N. Frederick Ave., Gaithersburg, 840-2660.

Washington Psychoanalytic Society. 338-5453 or 337-1617.

Washington Psychiatric Society. 682-6000. Will also provide names of psychiatrists who speak foreign languages.

American Psychological Association, 1200 17th St. NW, 955-7600.

American Association of Pastoral Counselors, 385-6967.

Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Centers of Greater Washington, 281-1870.

Center for Child Services, Catholic University of America, Department of Psychology, 2001 Harewood Rd. NE, 635-5750. Offers low-cost counseling for children.

Family Service Association of America, 44 E. 23rd St., New York, N.Y. 10010; (212) 674-6100.

National Mental Health Association, 1021 Prince St., Alexandria, Va. 22314; 684-7722.

National Association of Social Workers Inc., 7981 Eastern Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 20910; 565-0333.

Therapist Preview, a videotaped service which for $60 allows a person to screen local psychotherapists. By appointment only, 649-6590.

National Clearinghouse for Mental Health Information, Public Inquiries Section, 5600 Fishers La., Room 11A-21, Rockville, Md. 20857; 443-4513.


Choosing a Psychotherapist, a Consumer's Guide to Mental Health Treatment, by Steven C. Fisch, PhD, published by Minerva Press, 6653 Andersonville Rd., Waterford, Mich. 48095. (313) 623-1566. $1.25, including postage and handling.

A Consumer's Guide to Mental Health Services, free from the Department of Health and Human Services, No. (adm) 80-214, National Institute of Mental Health, 5600 Fishers La., Rockville, Md. 20857. A listing of questions, resources, treatments, warning signs.