If you don't like your doctor, keep trying. There are many good ones.

I wrote that I'd like to hear about medical experiences, good and bad. David Ferguson of Fairfax, a senior training specialist for General Electric Information Services, writes about Dr. Edward Koch, "my wife's OB-GYN."

"He's acted as a family physician," Ferguson says. "For more than six years, any time I've happened to take my wife to him, he's had both of us into his office to discuss the matter at hand -- routine pregnancy, postpartum care or possibility of hysterectomy.

"By contrast, the medical paragon in another state" -- Kansas -- "who was obstetrician during my wife's first pregnancy refused to meet me. What point was there, he wanted to know. What point indeed!

"Dr. Koch responds warmly when a patient wants information, when she seeks more control over her own health care. He has treated every member of my family with kindness and respect. After making a post-delivery call following the birth of our second child, he made a stop in the maternity lounge for a chat with our 8-year-old girl. A few words about her mother, a few about being a big sister -- and not all that surprising to us."