Dec. 2, 1982. Barney Clark, 61, received a Jarvik-7 heart at University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City. He died after 112 days.

Nov. 25, 1984. William Schroeder, 52, received a Jarvik-7 at Humana Hospital Audubon in Louisville and is longest-surviving artificial heart patient. Discharged to a special apartment but rehospitalized last November after his third stroke. He is confined to bed and a wheelchair and is unable to speak.

Feb. 17, 1985. Murray Haydon, 58, received a Jarvik-7 at Humana. No neurological damage from a mild stroke last June. Still in the hospital and on a respirator.

March 5, 1985. Thomas Creighton, 33, received a Phoenix heart at the University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson as an unauthorized emergency measure after a heart transplant failed. Received a second transplant after 11 hours on the artificial heart. Died when second transplant failed within 35 hours. Creighton received three hearts in 46 hours.

April 7, 1985. Leif Stenberg received a Jarvik-7 at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Died in November after 228 days.

April 14, 1985. Jack Burcham, 62, received a Jarvik-7 at Humana. Died 10 days later.

Aug. 29, 1985. Michael Drummond, 25, received a Jarvik-7 at University Medical Center in Tucson for nine days as a "bridge" to transplant. Recovering at home.

Oct. 16, 1985. Anthony Mandia, 44, received a Penn State heart at Pennsylvania State University-Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pa. Received a transplant 10 days later. Died Nov. 14.

Oct. 24, 1985. Thomas Gaidosh, 47, received a Jarvik-7 at Presbyterian- University Hospital of Pittsburgh as a bridge to a transplant five days later. Now at home.

Dec. 18, 1985. Mary Lund, 40, received a mini-Jarvik-7 at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. First woman recipient of artificial heart. Received a transplant Jan. 31. Critical but stable condition.

Three more patients received temporary artificial hearts last week: Joseph Burello, 39, at Presbyterian-University Hospital of Pittsburgh; Bernadette Chayrez, 40, at University Medical Center in Tucson; and Harris Kent, 41, at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston. On Monday, all were awaiting heart transplants. Chayrez received a transplant last Friday, but it failed and was replaced by a second artificial heart Sunday.