Here are some questions to ask to protect yourself against medicine tampering, recommended by the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention: Packaging

Does the cotton plug or filler in a bottle appear to have been removed and put back?

Are there breaks, cracks or holes in the outer wrapping or protective cover or seal?

Does the outer covering appear to have been disturbed, unwrapped or replaced?

Is the bottle over-filled or under-filled?

Does a plastic or other band around the top of a bottle appear distorted or stretched, as though it had been rolled down and then put back into place? Is the seal missing? Has the band been slit and retaped?

Is the cap on an unsealed container tight?

Is the information and the lot number on the container the same as that on its outer wrapping or box? Tablets

Has their appearance changed? Is the color different? Do they have unusual spots? If they normally are shiny and smooth, are some dull or rough?

Do the tablets have a strange or different odor or taste?

Are the tablets moist rather than dry?

Are the tablets all the same size and thickness?

If imprinted, do all tablets have the same imprint? Is the imprint missing from some? Capsules

Are they cracked or dented?

Do they have their normal shiny appearance or are some dull? Do they have fingerprints on them?

If imprinted, do they all have the same imprint? Is the imprint missing from some?

Are they of uniform size and color?

Do the capsule contents appear to be of equal amounts?

Do they have an unexpected or unusual odor?