The rapid developments in the AIDS story present a challenge to publishers and readers. There are well over 100 books about the epidemic currently in print or scheduled to be by year's end.

To pick the best book for you: Look for a well-documented book. It should be easy to determine the basis for the facts and conclusions presented. Don't rely on the advice of a single author. Some books contain unsubstantiated or dogmatic points of view on causes, cures or prevention of AIDS. See what a number of authorities say. Be certain that the book covers the topics you want to know about in an understandable way. Books range from personal accounts to the very technical. :: Keep in mind that the latest information may not be available in books at all given the speed with which new findings appear and the necessarily long lead time that goes into the preparation of most books. The May 1 edition of Publishers Weekly, available in libraries, contains a list of current and upcoming books about AIDS. An excellent concise source of basic information about AIDS is contained in a 36-page brochure, "Surgeon General's Report on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome." This report is available free by writing to: AIDS, P.O. Box 14252, Washington, D.C. 20044.