PHILADELPHIA -- City officials have launched a tough-talking television, radio and poster campaign urging abstinence and the use of condoms to combat the spread of AIDS.

As part of a broader $1.8 million AIDS prevention, testing and counseling program, Philadelphia's Department of Public Health spent $90,000 on ads that graphically mix images of sex and death under the general refrain: "Stop a killer, use a condom."

In one television ad, the camera cuts from a picture of a double bed to a body drawer at the morgue. Another ad fades from a scene of teen-agers parked on a lover's lane to the slamming door of a hearse.

One of the milder spots features a young woman telling a friend of her personal safe-sex policy: "No glove, no love." Glove is a slang term for condom.

Health Commissioner Maurice Clifford said the ads, targeting Philadelphia youth, were designed to discourage promiscuity and educate people about condom use as a safeguard against the disease.

The ads are "not only forceful, but in good taste," Clifford said at a press conference last week.

The 30-second ads, produced in English and Spanish, began airing on Oct. 1 as free public service announcements. The posters are being placed on buses and subways and in train stations.

There have been 619 cases of AIDS diagnosed in Philadelphia, according to health officials, and 393 deaths attributed to the disease. --