If Americans will remember anything about last week's televised forum of the presidential candidates,

"A lot's going on in AIDS," Bush said on the two-hour NBC program. "And to hear these guys wringing their h

Here, as transcribed by NBC, is what the Democrats did say about the nation's fight against AIDS: Moderator Tom Brokaw: Another subject that is of vital importance to the American public in this presidential election year -- we ha Sen. Paul Simon: No. We have to move on research, and we're not spending enough on research. We have to move o Brokaw: Huge controversy in Massachusetts about the explicit nature of some pamphlets that were distributed a Gov. Michael Dukakis: Well, it depends on the kind of material, Tom. We mailed a pamphlet explaining AIDS. It Brokaw: Mandatory testing, Congressman? Rep. Richard Gephardt: No, except in some limited cases. But what we really need is what we've said here, rese Brokaw: Senator Gore, you want to jump in here? Sen. Albert Gore: I do. I think it's important to realize the magnitude of the failure by the Reagan-Bush admi Brokaw: I want to ask you, Gov. Babbitt, do you think that there ought to be any restrictions on AIDS carriers Bruce Babbitt: Tom, I agree on every -- you know, unaccustomed as I am to agreeing in the budget issues, I agr Brokaw: Briefly, Rev. Jackson? Rev. Jesse Jackson: Tom, leadership. We can give out pamphlets and do research, that's important. There was a