Who could resist? Not I. There were all these neat games that allegedly measure pro football potential; here was I with a chance to play them.

After the Redskins size up the size of their prospects, they give them a series of tests designed by George Washington University eye specialists Dr. Harry Wachs and Dr. Ron Berger. I took several of them not long ago.

One involved a volleyball, a wastebasket and goggles that distort vision. The idea is to see how quickly someone can react to tossing a ball into a basket perhaps 10 feet away after their normal sightlines are altered.

Another situation was following flashes of light around a room. Some had a small dot; others did not. This was a measure of peripheral vision. And so on.

When I had finished one test, I asked Berger what position I might qualify for. He could see the hearing aids; he could not see the fairly advanced arthritis in the right knee. He had determined that I had lousy depth perception; some other tests had not gone well either.

What position might I qualify for? He thought a moment and said: "I don't think we have a position."