A formal consumer alert, not a recall as reported last week on The Cutting Edge page, was issued by the Delicious Cookie Co. for its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cookies. (Published 10/30/90)

The manufacturer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Peanut Butter Graham cookies has recalled 11-ounce packages of the product that were sold in 25 states, including Maryland.

Although the packages include "Peanut Butter" in the name, the ingredient list was mislabled and fails to list peanuts as an ingredient.

Some people who are allergic to peanuts may suffer anaphylactic shock, a rare, life-threatening reaction, after eating foods containing even small quantities.

The cookie recall was issued last week after a 3-year-old Montgomery County boy suffered from the reaction within five minutes of eating six of the tiny cookies, which resemble animal crackers. His physician, Kathy L. Lampl, alerted the Delicious Cookie Co. of Des Plaines, Ill., and the Food and Drug Administration immediately after treating him.

The child, who was treated with adrenalin and steroids, is recovering, Lampl said.

The company attributed the omission to "a packaging error" and, with FDA approval, immediately issued the recall. A company spokesman said the labeling error occurred during a periodic redesign of the cookie package.

The mislabeled boxes are easily identified because they have a line on the back reading: "Turtle Tales."

Maryland is the only local jurisdiction in which the peanut cookies are sold, according to the cookie company.